The Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit was developed in response to a changing climate in relation to volunteering where there is much more emphasis on accountability, management of outcomes and demonstration of impact.

It enables organisations to gain a clearer understanding of the impact of volunteering activity on the four main stakeholder groups involved: the volunteers; the host organisation; the service users and the wider community. Organisations will be able to use it to assess a wide range of impacts, from the skills development of volunteers to the economic value of involving volunteers.

The toolkit provides information on:

  • The range of impacts that can be measured using the Toolkit
  • The range of stakeholders that can be included
  • The range of adaptable research tools available
  • Guidelines on research design, data collection and analysis
  • How to access further support for research design, data collection and analysis

The information gathered from the Toolkit can:

  • Give your application the edge when looking for funding
  • Help inform policy and practice development
  • Help motivate existing volunteers and staff
  • Help enhance service delivery, accountability to the wider community as well as existing and potential funders on what volunteers are achieving, as well as promotion of the social and personal potential benefits of volunteering to attract more volunteers

Volunteer Ireland can:

  • Help you measure your impact using the Volunteer Impact Assessment Toolkit. We can administer all surveys and facilitate the focus groups for your stakeholders providing independence and objectivity
  • Write up a report that gives you clear facts and figures, quotes and case studies, and robust recommendations for action
  • Carry out the Volunteer Impact Assessment on behalf of your organisation, or you can complete the assessment yourself
  • Train you to use the Toolkit to carry out the assessment yourself.  A copy of the Toolkit is included in the cost of the training

The Toolkit and associated training course has been successfully used by a number of organisations in Ireland, including:

How to get started?

The Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit is exclusively available as part of Volunteer Ireland's full-day training. This ensures you get the maximum benefit of the using the Toolkit.  You can find details of the next training in our training calendar.

If you wish to have this course delivered directly to your organisation, please contact Stuart Garland, Learning and Capacity Building Manager, email [email protected]

The Toolkit was developed by NCVO and The Institute for Volunteering Research (IVR).