Volunteer Ireland is the national volunteer development organisation. We exist to make volunteering as good as it can be, to affect the quality of volunteering experiences and to shape volunteering for the future in service and support of a highly functioning society.

We advocate on behalf of volunteering in Ireland, volunteers and organisations that involves volunteers. Our vision is an Ireland where everyone who wants to volunteer can volunteer to create a better society. We work with Government and other bodies to make this vision a reality.

Volunteer Ireland currently has three key policy priorities:

National Volunteering Strategy

Ireland’s first National Volunteering Strategy was published in December 2020. We work closely with Government and other stakeholders to deliver key elements of the strategy and have a positive influence on volunteering in Ireland.

Statistics on volunteering

There is currently a dearth of research on volunteering in Ireland. Volunteer Ireland successfully lobbied for a question on volunteering on Census 2022 and a number of research actions in the National Volunteering Strategy.

Reducing the burden for jobseekers

Volunteer Ireland advocates on behalf of jobseekers to the Department of Employment and Social Protection to ensure eligible jobseekers are not just permitted to volunteer, but also that it is understood as a positive activity that increases employability.