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It's good to talk

It’s good to talk … about volunteering

Volunteer Ireland's Training and Programmes Manager Stuart Garland shares his thoughts on talking, listening and learning from others as volunteering evolves globally.
International Volunteer Managers Day (IVM Day) is celebrated globally on November 5 each year. The day is put aside to allow volunteer managers a chance to reflect on and celebrate the critical work they do, and more importantly, it allows
We will address the purpose and benefits of developing a strategy specifically for volunteering within your organisation. You’ll learn what works well and consider the best approach to take. We’ll talk about how you can influence others and develop a
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Most organisations have a board of trustees but many people forget that trustees are volunteers too and should be managed as such. It is important to practice principles of good volunteer management when engaging trustees. This training will take you
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Suggesting that an organisation initiates performance reviews of volunteers is often met with resistance.  A growing number of Volunteer Managers are countering these perceptions, choosing instead to see mutual performance review as a reflection of the importance of volunteers in
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