The Project

In the past, the traditional view of volunteering was one of charity. Today, when young people volunteer it can be considered a form of activism.

Powered by V aims to support volunteer-involving organisations and young people to use volunteering as a driving force, not only for education, youth empowerment, and engagement; but also to strengthen democracy, European society, its values, and identity.

Powered by V aims to:

1. Encourage better understanding of the cultural, social, and political context of youth engagement through volunteering and EU values.

2. Support youth volunteering as a way to strengthen EU values and support resilient and sustainable communities.

3. Build the capacity of youth organisations to engage young volunteers while using EU Values to underpin their programmes.

4. Unlock the potential of national, transnational, and EU cooperation in this area.

In order to achieve these aims, the project hopes to discover a shared understanding of issues and challenges as well as search for common ground and potential action.

The project hopes to support young people, practitioners, researchers, and policy makers. By creating an open dialogue, gathering data and knowledge, and sharing best practices, skills and recommendations, the project aims to make it easier for us all to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


The partners of this project:

DKolektiv (Croatia)
Slovene Philanthropy (Slovenia)
Volunteer Ireland (Ireland)
Centre for European Volunteering (Belgium)
FriSe (Denmark)
Regional Volunteer Centre Gdansk (Poland)

It is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.