‘I enjoy meeting new people and working together to improve our society’ – Youcef, Dublin

Youcef, an Algerian living in Dublin, has found a welcoming community in Ireland through volunteering. Engaging in volunteering has given him a sense of purpose, boosted his confidence, and facilitated meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds.

‘Ireland saved my life, so I volunteer to do something good for Irish people’ – Valeria, Waterford

Valeria dedicates herself to helping others, accompanying fellow Ukrainian people in Waterford to hospital appointments and personal meetings, while also serving as the PR manager for the Waterford Volunteer Centre. Through her involvement in volunteering and her passion for involving fellow Ukrainians, Valeria finds a sense of belonging and purpose.

Anastasia’s story: ‘The teenagers I volunteer with in Sligo remind me of my students in Ukraine’

Since fleeing Ukraine last year, Anastasia has found a new joy and purpose in volunteering with Foróige Youth Club in Sligo. Through helping others, Anastasia has found a place in her community and formed new friendships.

Vic’s story: ‘We provide welcoming spaces to LGBTQIA+ folk who are disabled, who belong to the Traveller community, who are immigrants’

For the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, we’re delighted to share the volunteering story of Vic from Wexford Pride.

Irvine’s story: ‘I’ve met the kindest and most generous people through volunteering’

Volunteering as Bohs Access Officer, Irvine makes a valuable contribution to the Dublin soccer club’s diversity and inclusion mission.

‘Volunteering has given our lives new meaning’ – Alievtina & Hanna

Alievtina & Hanna share their story of arriving in Donegal last year, and experiencing the life-changing magic of volunteering.

Future’s volunteering story: ‘Giving back to the community makes our world a better place’

Since arriving in Donegal last year, Future Moyo has been involved in several community programmes, and credits volunteering with helping him feel like part of his community.

Abdul’s story: ‘The entire network I have made so far is through volunteering, I love it’

Abdul is a volunteer in Dublin who has built a diverse network through volunteering with projects like Together For Better and East Wall For All. He shares how volunteering has helped him make good friends, improved his mental health, and made him feel at home in his community.

Shamim’s story: ‘Volunteering strengthens my ties to the community and provides me with a sense of purpose and belonging’

Meet Shamim, a passionate volunteer who found a sense of purpose and belonging through volunteering. After arriving in Ireland last year, Shamim turned to volunteering as a way to give back to her community and make new friends.

M’hammed’s story: ‘Volunteering helps you feel part of the community you live in, and to feel welcome, whoever you are’

M’hammed has found a sense of community and belonging through volunteering in Dublin. From helping with English classes to joining charity shops and festivals, he shares how volunteering has helped him to make friends and learn about Irish culture.