Making it Matter – the impact of volunteering on social inclusion

Making it MatterIn this project Ireland partners with Belgium (Centre for European Volunteering), Croatia (Volunteer Centre Osijek / D Kolektiv), Denmark (Frivilligcentre & Selvhjælp Danmark), Germany (Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement) & Slovenia (Slovenska filantropija).

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This Erasmus+ co-funded project Making it Matter will promote and increase the recognition of volunteering as one of the key components of social inclusion and integration of disadvantaged young people.

Measuring and communicating the effects of the impact of civil society is an important topic among civil society organisations and academics.

Making It Matter: The Impact of Volunteering on Social Inclusion Research Report

This Focus Research Report has been developed as one of the intellectual outputs of the “Making it Matter” project, implemented under the Erasmus+ programme by 6 partner countries: Croatia, Denmark, Ireland, Slovenia, Belgium and Germany. The main objective of the Focus Research Report is to give an overview of existing EU and national policies and practices that support the inclusion of disadvantaged youth through volunteering.

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Making It Matter: Impact measurement tool manual

This manual for measuring the impact is designed as a simple tool for regular monitoring and evaluation of the impact of volunteering on social inclusion that is evidence-based, linking volunteer experience and its benefits with the impact on overall people’s well-being.  The manual has been developed by merging the knowledge of partners from countries with specific knowledge and experience in developing and supporting volunteering in order to create a transnational tool applicable for volunteer involving organisations and volunteers.

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Making It Matter Policy Paper

In the long term, this project contributes to the improvement of social and organisational capacities for the development of high quality, innovative and community-oriented services that support the empowerment and inclusion of young people at risk of social exclusion through volunteering.

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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union