Useful Information for Volunteer Registration

The Process

When you first register on I-VOL, your application will go either to Volunteer Ireland or the local Volunteer Centre in your county.  You will then receive an email with further instructions.

Applying for volunteering opportunites

When you apply for a volunteering opportunity, your relevant details (as per our terms and conditions) will be forwarded directly, or via your local Volunteer Centre, to the organisation posting the opportunity.  You will receive an email each time you apply for an opportunity, acknowledging your indication of interest, and giving you further details of next steps.

Number of enquiries/applications

Avoid sending too many volunteering opportunity applications at one time. You might find more than one volunteering opportunity that interests you, but two or three volunteer opportunities is probably enough to apply for in one go.


Some opportunities are open to everyone who applies. Others require specific skills or experience.  Sometimes organisations will take applications from a number of people before selecting a volunteer, so it is possible that you could be disappointed. However, with thousands more opportunities on  I-VOL, there's always others to apply for.


Informal roles are unlikely to require you to attend an interview. However, if you are applying for a role with more responsibility you will probably need to be interviewed and may be asked to provide references also

Garda Vetting

If you are going to be volunteering with children or vulnerable people you will be required to be Garda Vetted for each position you are interested in. The organisation where you are volunteering will organise this as part of their recruitment process, but it will take some time, so it's worth bearing this in mind and, if it suits, applying several weeks before you want to start volunteering.


Some volunteering roles require specific training and in some cases this can be quite extensive. For example, if you are applying for a helpline opportunity, you are likely to need to attend many hours of assessed training before you start volunteering.

Support/Assistance from Volunteer Centres

Volunteer Centres are there to assist you by phone/email/face to face if you have any queries or need assistance.  They will also follow up with you by phone/email in the months following your registration to check if you were successful in finding a suitable volunteer opportunity or need any further assistance.

Find the contact details of your local Volunteer Centre