Robbie Stack

Aviva Centralised Vaccination Centre Volunteer Programme

Co. Dublin

Robbie Stack is the Lead Volunteer Manager at the Aviva Centralised Vaccination Centre, managing over 280 volunteers and a large vaccination centre. From the outset, Robbie worked to develop efficient, well-organised volunteer rotas that met the needs of the Centre while ensuring volunteers were informed and equipped.  

Robbie prioritised the wellbeing and experience of volunteers, and ensured that he checked in with each person during their shift and afforded them opportunities to volunteer in each area of the Centre. Fellow volunteers comment in his morning briefings, which detailed the plan for the day and ensured that all relevant information was shared among the team.  

Testament to his innovation and passion is his ability to organise for every volunteer to attend in fancy dress when local Junior Infants arrived at the centre to receive their childhood immunisations. Robbie recognised that the small things really are the big things, and ensured that no matter who attended the Centre, they were greeted by an informed and enthusiastic volunteer.  

Tricia Nolan

South Dublin Volunteer Centre

Co. Dublin

Tricia Nolan is the manager of South Dublin Volunteer Centre. From the first HSE COVID-19 COVID Testing site in Tallaght Stadium, Tricia has led the volunteer teams in the Centre and subsequently in Citywest and Punchestown, supporting HSE operations at all of these sites.  She has also played a pivotal role in ensuring that volunteers could be directly involved in supporting the vaccination effort in Citywest and Punchestown.

Tricia ensured that volunteers were well equipped to volunteer safely at a time of great uncertainty and challenge. The management of many volunteers, sites and shifts, would not have been possible without the effienct systems that she developed and implemented. Her championing of smart IT solutions made it possible to manage the HSE requirements for volunteers, in addition to the ethos of kindness and reassurance that she both encouraged and modelled.

Tricia was instrumental in engaging more than twenty volunteer piano players who entertained people arriving for their appointments and added to a happy, light-hearted atmosphere. Members of the public, staff and volunteer teams praise her innovation in creating this unique role.  

Tricia works tirelessly to develop and improve technical solutions for volunteer engagement, and her dedication to promoting volunteering is unwavering.  

Shirley Hewston

40th Company Manorhamilton Girls Brigade

Co. Leitrim

Shirley Hewston has been the Captain of the Manorhamilton Girls’ Brigade since its establishment in 1997. Every Thursday night for the past 25 years, Shirley has developed a varied and creative programme of activities designed to educate, challenge and inspire girls aged 3 to 18 yeard old of every background and ability. 

Starting out with just two volunteers, the nominee has brought together and managed numerous volunteers since, ensuring the continued success and development of the Manorhamilton Girls Brigade. Over the years, over 350 girls have been part of the group and many regularly return to support events led by Shirley.  

Shirley is credited with the development of many community-focused events that have had a positive impact on the locality. Her development of the Christmas Tree Festival had provided a seasonal highlight for the area and draws local business, community groups, friends and neighbours together. 

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