Susan McCahill

Donegal Dynamos Special Olympics Club

Co. Donegal 

Susan McCahill is a coach with the Donegal Dynamos Special Olympics Club and has been a Special Olympics volunteer for 30 years. Susan is committed to supporting people with disabilities as they engage in sports activities. Her role has facilitated hundreds of athletes in learning new skills, increasing in confidence and developing life-long friendships. She prioritises communication and engagement, learning sign language and continuously undertaking training courses in order to enhance the experience of all involved with the club. 

Susan inspires her fellow volunteers through her dedication and is always willing to share the knowledge and expertise she has gained through her volunteer experience. Her passion and pride in the Donegal Dynamos athletes is felt throughout the community, and Susan’s efforts have ensured the efforts and endeavours of all club members are continuously celebrated. 

Michael Kenny

Cullen-Lattin AFC

Co. Tipperary 

Michael Kenny is Club Secretary at Cullen-Lattin AFC, and while this is his official voluntary role on the committee, he also volunteer in supporting every aspect of the Club, including coaching, fundraising, summer camps and ground and floodlight maintenance. A volunteer for over 15 years, Michael plays a key role in the development of this community-focused club. He can be found on the pitch five to six nights a week, managing and coaching teams whole occasionally playing himself.

Michael is committed to outreach and engagement and ensures mentoring and coaching for local schoolchildren with an interest in sport. His efforts have proved successful as through many wins, he has seen Cullen-Lattin firmly placed on Tipperary’s soccer map.  

‘Without Michael, we would not have the club we have,’ says a fellow volunteer.   

Seamus O’Doherty

Hillview Sports Club

Co. Tipperary 

Seamus O’Doherty has been volunteering for over 50 years, taking on various roles during this time. Motivated by his generosity of spirit, Seamus has played a key role in promoting inclusivity and outreach at Hillview Sports Club.

While looking after fundraising for the club through lotto and bingo draws, he has opened Hillview Club to local community groups, support people with disabilities, local art classes and Ramadan activities.  In his capacity as club President, a role he has proudly held many times, he has been intrinsic in Hillview’s placement at the heart of the community. 

Described by the Mayor of Clonmel as the ‘face of volunteering,’ Seamus has not allowed the pandemic to deter his efforts. When restrictions prevented in-person fundraising, he quickly got to grips with online bingo, ensuring a reliable funding stream for the club. He seeks solutions rather than problems and his engagement with this local sports club, as well as the many supporting volunteers, has had a meaningful and lasting impact on the community. 

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