Fitness to Volunteer Declaration 

Thank you for volunteering to take part in a hands on gardening/painting project.    

Prior to the start of the project you will be asked to sign in and declare that you are fit to take part in the activities that are outlined in the volunteer pack.    

Please read through the following questions carefully and note that it is your responsibility to adhere to your own limitations or restrictions as a condition of taking part in the volunteering project.  

Do you understand the project and the activities within it that you have volunteered for? If no, please contact your Company Lead for advice. 

Do you consider yourself fit to undertake the activities that you have volunteered for? If no, contact your Company Lead to let them know and discuss alternatives. 

Do you have any known health conditions or concerns that may impact your ability to do the volunteering activities as planned? 

If yes, please contact your Company Lead to let them know.  The Company Lead will have to agree with any limitations and/or restrictions that you may have.   

 Don’t worry if you answer yes! You can still take part in the Team Volunteer Day, just let us know.  The Company Lead and Host Organisation Lead will do their best to accommodate your needs and find activities that are suited to your requirements on the day.  


Many thanks for your attention 

*Organisation Name* _____________________________________

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