What is Investing in Volunteers?

Investing in Volunteers (IiV) is the UK and Ireland Quality Standard that helps you assess and improve the quality of your volunteer management and involvement, prove and improve the effectiveness of your work with volunteers and enhance your organisation’s reputation.

Achieving the standard shows your current, and potential, volunteers how much they are valued and gives them confidence in your ability to provide an outstanding volunteer experience. It also reassures funders of the quality of your practices.

What does the IiV standard cover?

The Investing in Volunteers (IiV) standards have been active since 1995 and were most recently updated in March 2021.

There are six quality areas that a volunteer involving organisation needs to work on to achieve the award:

· Vision for volunteering

· Planning for volunteers

· Volunteer inclusion

· Recruiting and welcoming volunteers

· Supporting volunteers

· Valuing and developing volunteer

The full standard can be downloaded from www.investinginvolunteers.co.uk

Throughout the process your volunteer managers will receive professional mentoring, support and advice to help them manage and recruit volunteers, organise your policies and procedures and give them more confidence to deliver a quality volunteer experience.


What is the IiV process?

Once you have registered for IiV, it follows a straightforward process with six steps:

Step 1: Getting started

Your organisation will be offered an introductory workshop with an allocated IiV assessor who will be there to support you throughout your IiV journey. There is a library of materials and resources to inform and guide you through the process as well.

Step 2: Self-assessment

You will complete a self-assessment checklist to identify where your organisation is currently in relation to the standard, and your assessor will give you feedback on this

Step 3: Improving practice

With your assessor you will develop an improving practice plan, highlighting what you need to do to meet the standard. You can discuss how you want to use the opportunity to improve your volunteers’ experience.

Step 4: Assessment

The assessor(s) will meet with your organisation, online, by telephone, or in person, and speak to some of your volunteers, staff, board members and trustees. They will also review some written documentation.. They will provide you with a written report to document how you meet the standard.

Step 5: Achieving and celebrating the award

Once you achieve your award, you will be contacted with information about the certificate, plaque and logo and encouraged to celebrate and publicise your success. Your award is active for three years.

Step 6: Continual improvement and renewing your award

Now you’ve achieved your award, this is your opportunity to maintain the good practice you’ve achieved and continue to make improvements to your volunteer management programme, including any development areas identified in your report.

For more information about Investing in Volunteers and to download the standard and to get a quote visit www.investinginvolunteers.co.uk


What is IiV Essentials?

IiV Essentials is a free online tool you can use to inform your volunteer practice and check where you currently are against the standard. There’s no commitment to continue with the award after completing IiV Essentials.

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