Sophie Mae’s story

“These roles are a great fit for me because they give me an opportunity to make use of and hone my existing skill set, while also meeting new people and making a difference.”

Sophie Mae is a Crisis Volunteer (CV), North-Western Regional Action Panel (AP) member, and National Action Panel (NAP) member with spunout.

Iryna’s story

“Volunteering allows me to set aside personal worries and focus on bringing positive energy to others, which fosters a sense of belonging and boosts wellbeing.”

Fiona’s story

Fiona and her family first got involved with volunteering with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind in 2021 and have been temporary boarders for about 10 different dogs since.  

Emma’s story

“I’m very proud to be a disabled Irish Traveller and a disability rights activist and that’s what should matter to people.”

Emma Ward is a journalist and content creator. You can follow her journey and activism on Facebook and Instagram at @emmawardjournalist and twitter @emmawardjourno.

Nick’s story

“Volunteering connects you with like-minded individuals who share a commitment to wellness. The parkrun community becomes a support network, fostering a sense of belonging crucial to healing.”

Nick volunteers with Bushy parkrun.

Zahra’s story

“It’s not just about the tasks I accomplish; it’s about the profound sense of purpose and empowerment that comes from knowing I am reclaiming my agency and contributing to a brighter future for myself and society.”

Zahra volunteers with Community Volunteers in Cork.

‘Ireland saved my life, so I volunteer to do something good for Irish people’ – Valeria, Waterford

Valeria dedicates herself to helping others, accompanying fellow Ukrainian people in Waterford to hospital appointments and personal meetings, while also serving as the PR manager for the Waterford Volunteer Centre. Through her involvement in volunteering and her passion for involving fellow Ukrainians, Valeria finds a sense of belonging and purpose.

Anastasia’s story: ‘The teenagers I volunteer with in Sligo remind me of my students in Ukraine’

Since fleeing Ukraine last year, Anastasia has found a new joy and purpose in volunteering with Foróige Youth Club in Sligo. Through helping others, Anastasia has found a place in her community and formed new friendships.

Sandra’s story: ‘My work involves creating meaningful volunteering for displaced persons’

Meet Sandra Mpofu, the Volunteering Development Officer with Dublin’s Volunteer Centres. Sandra promotes and facilitate volunteering by displaced persons, asylum seekers, international protection applicants, and beneficiaries of temporary protection.

Vic’s story: ‘We provide welcoming spaces to LGBTQIA+ folk who are disabled, who belong to the Traveller community, who are immigrants’

For the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, we’re delighted to share the volunteering story of Vic from Wexford Pride.