Shamim’s story: ‘Volunteering strengthens my ties to the community and provides me with a sense of purpose and belonging’

Meet Shamim, a passionate volunteer who found a sense of purpose and belonging through volunteering. After arriving in Ireland last year, Shamim turned to volunteering as a way to give back to her community and make new friends.

M’hammed’s story: ‘Volunteering helps you feel part of the community you live in, and to feel welcome, whoever you are’

M’hammed has found a sense of community and belonging through volunteering in Dublin. From helping with English classes to joining charity shops and festivals, he shares how volunteering has helped him to make friends and learn about Irish culture.

Dilshoda’s volunteering story: ‘It’s a sign of hope and love that joins our nations together’

Since moving to Ireland last year, Dilshoda has become an avid volunteer with the One Million Stars project in support of Amber Women’s Refuge in Kilkenny.

David’s volunteering story: ‘Volunteering helped me connect with my community when I was recovering from addiction’

David began volunteering in 2018 in order to have something positive and productive to do while recovering from addiction. Louth Volunteer Centre helped David to start volunteering.

Tetiana’s story: ‘Volunteering is my way of showing gratitude to everyone who was there for me’

Meet Tetiana, a volunteer who found a new home in Ireland after fleeing the war in Ukraine. Her experience of loss taught her to appreciate every moment and motivated her to help others.

Simon’s volunteering story: ‘Although I am giving my time, I gain so much’

Meet Simon, a dedicated volunteer who found opportunities through and Fingal Volunteer Centre. He volunteers as a Patient Befriender in the Royal Hospital Dublin, and encourages others to get involved in their communities through volunteering.

Sandram’s volunteering story: ‘I appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received from the Irish community’

Meet Sandram, a Dublin resident who has found a sense of community and integration through volunteering. Sandram shares how volunteering has enriched his life and why he believes it can make the world a better place.

National Volunteering Week resources

On this webpage, you’ll find a collection of logos and downloadable resources that you can use to celebrate and promote National Volunteering Week in your community or organisation. 

Mary-Louise Ryan, Galway Community Volunteers

Mary-Louise Ryan: ‘I’ve been volunteering at a Community Centre, helping Ukrainian children.’

Karen McHugh, Laois Integration Network

Karen McHugh: ‘It’s so important to me, I volunteer full-time as well as working full-time.’