Corporate Volunteering


Fully Managed Service

Our corporate team’s mission is to connect companies with charitable organisations; assisting employee volunteers to undertake short-term community activities which have a positive long-term impact.

Volunteer Ireland provides a fully managed service to source, organise and facilitate volunteering projects for your employees.

We offer three types of corporate volunteering opportunities; Team Impact Days where your team undertakes a hands-on project, Professional Skill Share where your team takes part in skill sharing and mentoring activities and our social inclusion programme – Cook Together Eat Together.

Through our Team Impact Days alone we have supported 2,267 employee volunteers giving 13,141 volunteer hours from 50 companies across Ireland.

Volunteer Ireland’s work is underpinned by our ethical standards policy and core values. As such, we will only work with companies and organisations whose ethics and values are in line with our own and we invite all partners to read and understand our Partner Promise.


Benefits of Corporate volunteering

The corporate world is becoming more and more curious about meaningful volunteering that supports worthy causes and has a lasting and positive impact. Corporate volunteering is a great way to engage employees, build teams and meet corporate social responsibility targets.

As well as supporting the communities they serve, employee volunteering offers companies the opportunity to increase employee retention, improve job satisfaction, motivation, and in turn improve productivity. Employees report major satisfaction in contributing to a defined and valuable community need and in using their skills to work with colleagues in a new environment.

Corporate volunteering can also raise the community profile of your company; enhancing brand awareness by establishing new relationships, connecting with the community and meeting new people.

Most importantly the transformative effect of volunteering on individuals, organisations, communities and society is a portal to active citizenship, social inclusion and solidarity.


Volunteer Ireland also sits on the national Corporate Social Responsibility Stakeholder Forum. You can learn more about the forum here.


The Importance of Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering is integral to our culture and extends, often in invisible ways, into all aspects of our lives, e.g. sport, culture and care. As the national volunteer development organisation we aim to maximise the reach and impact of volunteering in Ireland. We believe that people can fulfill their potential through volunteering and that volunteering contributes to healthier and more resilient communities.

We aim to provide your employees with a high quality experience to introduce them to some of the joys of volunteering. Corporate volunteering can be a gateway into the wider world of volunteering. Many people who had not considered it before start volunteering in their own time after having had a taster as part of a corporate volunteering programme.