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Connecting Communities Through Volunteering

Our corporate team’s mission is to connect companies with charitable organisations and help employee volunteers take on short-term community activities which have a positive long-term impact.

Volunteer Ireland provides a fully managed service to source, organise and facilitate volunteering projects and activities for your employees.

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One off volunteer events curated for your team.
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Join one of our scheduled corporate volunteering activities
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We provide three ways to engage your employees: Team Impact Days where your team participates in a volunteer project specifically organised for your company; our Corporate Volunteering Calendar where individual employees can join any of our calendar activities and volunteer alongside employees from other companies; and our Business Advice Programme which connects employee volunteers with community organisations to provide advice and support around their business needs.

Over the past 4 years we have supported 5,393 employee volunteers from over 70 companies across Ireland to give 24,218 volunteers hours.

Our focus is on quality. We aim to provide your employees with a high-quality volunteer experience while ensuring we have a positive and measurable impact on the cause or community being supported.

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Our Corporate Volunteer Services

Team Impact

Do you want to get stuck in with a hands on painting or gardening project, support the environment, or contribute to education? Team Impact Days are designed to bring your team together.
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Corporate Volunteering

Individually or in small groups employees can join any of our inspiring calendar activities scheduled throughout the year and volunteer with employees from other companies.
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Business Advice Programme –
Volunteer From Your Desk

In response to the COVID-19 emergency Volunteer Ireland has launched a new Business Advice Programme giving company volunteers the opportunity to provide advice and support to the community and voluntary sector. We are working with community organisations to identify their business needs and have devised 3 ways that companies can offer support during this time of need including; once off business advice calls, business project support & development and business webinars. This programme is open to businesses and community and voluntary organisations across Ireland.
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More Ways To Get Involved

We currently only have the capacity to offer our Corporate Volunteer Calendar and Team Impact Day services in the greater Dublin area. If you are outside of this area or would like to learn about other ways to get your team involved in volunteering here are some tips to get you started…

Other Volunteer Opportunities > > >

Partner Promise

Volunteer Ireland’s work is underpinned by our ethical standards policy and core values. As such, we will only work with companies and organisations whose ethics and values are in line with our own and we invite all partners to read and understand our Partner Promise.