Engaging Volunteers From Home

For many organisations engaging volunteers from home and managing volunteers remotely is a new approach that has been brought into sharp focus as we adapt to the COVID-19 restrictions.

When done with careful thought and attention this can become a sustainable and diverse way to involve volunteers in your organisation, and may become a welcome long-term addition to your programme.

That’s why we’ve launched a new campaign – #VolunteerFromHome – to help volunteers find opportunities they can do from home and to support organisations to engage their volunteers remotely.

We have created resources to support organisations who are looking to redeploy their current volunteers and those that are developing totally new roles that can be done from home.

Video: Moving to Virtual Volunteering during COVID-19

In this short video we are looking at Virtual Volunteering.  While virtual volunteering has been around long before COVID-19, the current constraints under which we are living has made it something that many volunteer involving organisations are now considering for the first time to help them address the issue to closed volunteer programmes.  This 10 minute video will bring you through some of the essentials you need to consider in relation to virtual volunteering.

Guide: Three Ways to Engage Volunteers from Home

This guide will look at three different ways you can engage volunteers remotely, virtual volunteering, microvolunteering and physical volunteering.

Read the guide – Three Ways to Engage Volunteers from Home

Guide: Developing Roles for Volunteers at Home

The next step is to develop roles that can be completed by volunteers at home. In this guide we will explore how you should go about this. Should you recruit new volunteers or redeploy your current volunteers. Are you adapting existing roles or creating totally new ones. How can you utilise this new way of working to benefit your organisation and create meaningful volunteer experiences for your volunteers.

Read the guide – Developing Roles for Volunteers at Home

Guide: Training and Communication for Volunteers at Home

Once you have volunteers recruited to volunteer from home they will need to be trained and supported. Now more than ever, with everyone working and volunteering from home, good communication will be key to the success of your volunteer programme.

Read the guide – Training and Communication for Volunteers at Home

Sample Role Descriptions: Volunteer From Home

Engaging volunteers from home for the first time can be challenging. It’s important to think through how you can use the skills of your existing volunteers, possibly recruit new volunteers and most importantly support your volunteers remotely. To help you think about how you can engage volunteers from home, we have put together some template role descriptions for #volunteerfromhome roles.

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