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Thank you to the Department of Rural and Community Development

We are very grateful to the department of Rural and Community Development for demonstrating their commitment to this sector through their kind support of the Volunteer Ireland Awards.

A Partnership with Healthy Ireland

Volunteer Ireland are a proud partner of Healthy Ireland. Our research shows that volunteering is an enriching experience and brings feelings of well-being to those who volunteer. We are proud to be supported by Healthy Ireland who’s aim is to create an Irish society where physical and mental well-being is valued and supported at every level. You can learn more about the Healthy Ireland programme here.

GLS – Official Delivery Partner of the 2020 Volunteer Ireland Awards

Volunteer Ireland are delighted to welcome GLS as our official delivery partner for the 2020 Volunteer Ireland Awards. GLS will support us in celebrating the incredible awardees in this very unusual year. You can learn more about the GLS’s ThinkSocial programme here.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, share the stories and celebrate the lives of Irish people and people of Irish heritage worldwide, featuring their stories of love, triumph, adventure and adversity. EPIC are kindly inviting all awardees to visit them.

“We are energised by the awardees commitment to improving their community and supporting the causes you care about. All the awardees in this year’s Volunteer Ireland Awards are an example of why Ireland’s generosity of spirit is famed across the globe.”

EPIC was recently voted Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction and has been described as a ‘National Treasure.’ You can learn more about EPIC here.

Become a Sponsor or Supporter

If your company would be interested in partnering with Volunteer Ireland to sponsor the 2020 Volunteer Ireland Awards, please contact anna@volunteer.ie

Each year we present our awardees with gift hamper filled with treats and tokens of appreciation from select Irish suppliers. We are so grateful to the companies who offer their products to honour these amazing volunteers. If your company would like to contribute to this year’s gift hamper we would love to hear form you. Please contact Anna at anna@volunteer.ie