National Volunteering Week 2019 took place from 13th to 19th May.

Do you want to celebrate all things volunteering? Check out some ideas on how to get involved below!

For organisations

  • Host a thank you event for your volunteers – it can be as simple as gathering everyone for coffee and cake, what’s important is letting them know they are appreciated. Download an event poster here.
  • Give your volunteers a certificate of appreciation – you can download our special National Volunteering Week certificate here.
  • Let volunteers know the impact they have – were you able to provide more services because of your volunteers? What difference do they make to your organisation and the community? Let them know!
  • Now let everyone else know – consider sharing your volunteers’ story with the local community and local media.
  • Get involved on social media – tell us about your volunteers using #NVW2019 and #WhyIVolunteer. Don’t forget to tag us @voluntireland.
  • Engage with your local Volunteer Centre – National Volunteering Week is a great time to take stock of your volunteer programme – do you need to recruit more volunteers? do you need to create more flexible volunteer roles? Your local Volunteer Centre can help guide you. Find your nearest one here.


Event Poster

Volunteer Appreciation Certificate

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For volunteers

  • If you already volunteer, why not encourage a friend to join you? Be an ambassador for the organisation you volunteer with!
  • If you’re thinking about volunteering but aren’t sure what to do, National Volunteering Week is the perfect time to take the plunge. Visit your local Volunteer Centre or check out what’s on offer here.
  • Get involved on social media – tell us about why you volunteer using #NVW2019 and #whyivolunteer. Don’t forget to tag us @voluntireland.
  • If you’d like to try volunteering but don’t want to go all in just yet, why not try out a quick microvolunteering opportunity? You might even be able to do it sitting on your couch. Learn more about microvolunteering here.