Managing Volunteers during COVID-19

Many people now find themselves wondering what they can do to help their communities in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency. We have developed these short videos for people who find themselves in charge of groups of volunteers for the first time.  These videos cover the essentials that you need to know in order to run a safe and successful volunteer effort. We have also developed a short fact sheet to accompany the video series.

Download our fact sheet: Organising Volunteers at a Time of Emergency – The Steps You Can Not Skip

Right now, many organisations and individuals are responding to an urgent situation – either our work has increased as a result of COVID-19 or perhaps staff and volunteer numbers have decreased as people are ill or self-isolating. No matter how urgent the situation feels, we need to take a moment to pause and prepare properly before recruiting volunteers. If we don’t prepare properly, we could risk the safety of our clients, volunteers, staff and the public. Let’s do this right – it will actually save time if we do!

In the first video, we look at step 1: preparing to engage volunteers.

In the second video, we look at step 2: how you can recruit and screen your volunteers.  We also explore volunteer inductions and what they should involve.

In the third video, we look at step 3: the important topic of supporting volunteers once you’ve engaged them. It is important to support volunteers on an ongoing basis.

In our final video, we look at step 4: thanking your volunteers. This should also happen on an ongoing basis, not just at the end of the project.