Managing Volunteers during COVID-19

Whether you have an existing volunteer programme or are managing volunteers for the first time due to COVID-19, we are here to help. You can check out these resources to help you along and learn about how your local Volunteer Centre can help you below.

Bite-Size Videos: Organising Volunteers During An Emergency 

In light of the increasing demands placed on those managing volunteers during COVID-19 , we have put together a short video series on the very basics of recruiting and managing volunteers during an emergency. Each of the four videos is less than five minutes and runs through the essentials to be aware of during this time.

Advice for organisations who wish to recruit volunteers in response to COVID-19

Are you registered with your local Volunteer Centre?

If you registered with your local Volunteer Centre, then you can advertise volunteer roles through them and the national database I-VOL. You should contact your local Volunteer Centre to let them know the role is in response to COVID-19 and they will prioritise the promotion of this role. If the role requires Garda vetting, they will also prioritise this. If you are not registered with your local Volunteer Centre, then it’s very simple to do so. Simply find the details of your local Volunteer Centre, contact them and they will register you. You can then advertise roles as above.

Can we expect any extra support to recruit volunteers?

Each Volunteer Centre is different but where possible they will provide extra support around recruitment and screening of roles to make things easier and faster for you as an organisation. Visit the resources section of our web site for further factsheets, guidelines and templates to help you manage volunteer programmes. We also have COVID-19 specific resources available here.

Free Insurance For Covid-19 Volunteers from BHP

To support the community nationally, BHP Insurance has provided an umbrella insurance policy for new groups set up in each County to cover the fantastic work being carried out by all the volunteers involved in response to COVID-19. This insurance policy is being provided free of charge by BHP.

For more information, you can contact your local volunteer centre.