Although here has been little research into volunteering in Ireland, Volunteer Ireland aims to produce research into volunteering which informs both the Irish public and our own work. A number of research projects into various aspects of volunteering have also been conducted in other countries, primarily in the United States.

Volunteer Ireland Research

The Impact of Volunteering on the Health and Well-Being of the Volunteer

In 2017, Volunteer Ireland conducted research into the impact volunteering has on the health and well-being of volunteers. Combining focus groups with the results of a national survey of volunteers, the report concluded that volunteering has a positive impact on volunteers in a multitude of ways. Read the report.  


 Volunteering in the Arts Toolkit

In 2013, Volunteer Ireland and Voluntary Arts Ireland developed a toolkit for volunteer involving arts organisations. The toolkit aims to this toolkit will provide groups with the practical advice required to help start or improve a volunteer program. View the toolkit.


Other Research

National Youth Council of Ireland: A Report on Young People and Volunteering

In 2011, the National Youth Council of Ireland produced a comprehensive report on young people’s experience of and attitude towards volunteering in Ireland. Read the report.



European Union: Study on Volunteering in the European Union

In 2010, the European Union conducted an EU wide survey on volunteering in the EU. Read the report.

As part of this study, individual country reports were also published. Read Ireland country report.