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A Day in the Life: Event Volunteers (21st Mar 2017)

Mark Cummins volunteered at the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival during St. Patrick's Weekend 2017.

The day began in earnest with the volunteers meeting on the green where the festival was set up - this was my second ever event as a volunteer and the largest group I have volunteered with. Chiara, Daiga and Stuart were already chatting and handing out goody bags when I arrived. I already knew a few faces in the group and was made to feel very welcome. We were each given some tea and coffee and a waterproof jacket.

Luckily I was spared the unique pleasure of wearing a Leprechaun costume two days in a row by some of the other more enthusiastic volunteers. Each of us was assigned to a particular area and given a prawn punt to exchange for lunch at any of the stands. My position for the day was at the main entrance with another volunteer Maria who was a veteran of many events.

The first trainload of visitors arrived in a wave and we were soon inundated with people asking...

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Celebrating International Volunteer Day! (21st Nov 2016)

International Volunteer Day is a global day that takes place every year on 5th December. It gives us a chance to recognise, thank and celebrate volunteers across the world. Over 1 million people in Ireland volunteer. They are the backbone of the community and voluntary sector and they underpin so much great work being done across the country. Simply put – we’d be lost without volunteers! But how often do we show them how important they are?

International Volunteer Day is the perfect opportunity to say thank you to your volunteers and show them that they are an important part of your work. We’ve put together some tips on how you can show your appreciation on 5th December.

  • Say ‘thank you’. It may seem like an obvious one but how often do we actually say thank you to our volunteers? Remember to tell them when they’ve done a good job. IVD is the perfect time to give them a thank you card and remind them how important they are to the organisation.
  • Have a volunteer...
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Why it’s important to recognise your volunteers (4th Oct 2016)

Jill Lyons, Communications and Marketing Manager with Breakthrough Cancer Research, tells us about mother and daughter volunteering duo Trish Larkin and Eimear Tynan and how the Volunteer Ireland Awards help charities give back to their volunteers.

In December of last year Trish Larkin, along with her daughter Eimear Tynan, took to the stage in Dublin City Hall to accept their award in the Campaigning & Awareness Raising category from Volunteer Ireland. Both mother and daughter are cancer survivors and dedicated volunteers with Breakthrough Cancer Research. The well-deserved award was recognition of their lengthy commitment, nearly 25 years between them, raising awareness and funds for cancer research.

They were thrilled; their family and friends were delighted; but the great appreciation my colleagues and I, the scientists in our cancer lab and our patients feel for Trish, Eimear and all our volunteers simply cannot be put into words.

As is the case for most...

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Catching up with Volunteer of the Year 2015 Matt Cullen (27th Sep 2016)

Matt Cullen, Volunteer with Swords Tidy Towns has volunteered for over 40 years. Last year, he was named Volunteer of the Year 2015. He tells us what winning the award meant to him and why he thinks volunteering is so important.

Winning Volunteer of the Year Award for 2015 was one of the best experiences of my life, it meant so much to me and in the aftermath of the event it led to very positive experiences never to be forgotten, which I will return to later.

First of all, to focus on the Volunteer of the Year event itself, although I was doing voluntary work for the last forty years (the last ten years with Swords Tidy Towns,) I never thought of being rewarded for such activities. It came as a complete surprise that STT had nominated me for the award. So I felt truly honoured and somewhat overcome by the kindness shown by all. To win the Christine Buckley Volunteer of the Year Award, who previously won volunteer of the year award meant so much to me in view of the...

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Volunteering at Rio 2016 (9th Sep 2016)

Mary O'Leary was one of a handful of Irish volunteers at last month's Rio Olympics. Having volunteered as a Games Maker at London 2012 she wasn't going to miss the opportunity to have another unique experience. Here, she shares her story with us.

I just want to share some thoughts on my volunteer experience at the Rio Olympics 2016. I made the decision to go to Rio as I had such an amazing experience as a Games Maker in London 2012 and wanted to use my experience to support Rio in making the first Latin American Olympics a success. I volunteer in sports on a regular basis anything from local 5k run to bigger events but there is something special about volunteering in the Olympics. It feels like being in a bubble where positive energy takes over and everyone is looking for a good experience and supporting each other.

The journey to being accepted and offered a role in the Olympics takes time- filling in an application form, taking part in group Skype interview,...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Joanne O’Brien, Fairtrade Carlow (7th Sep 2016)

The Fairtrade movement in Carlow has been one that first found its roots back in 2004 with Carlow becoming a recognised Fair Trade Town in 2007. Actively creating awareness around the benefits of supporting Fairtrade and how the people of Carlow can play their part, many may be familiar with the Fairtrade logo that appears on various products on shop shelves. But Fairtrade in Carlow wouldn’t exist without volunteers. One such volunteer is Joanne O’Brien who has been involved in Fairtrade Carlow since 2010. 

“I volunteered in Kenya in 2009, in Mombasa and I saw first-hand the difficulties people face in these third world countries”. Joanne says that Fairtrade was such a great way to help people in developing countries without the need to leave the country.  “Good volunteer movements strengthen communities and bring people together” according to Joanne. When asked why she volunteers, Joanne shared that there is a feel good factor for the effort she makes. "There are...

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A Day in the Life: Event Volunteers

Mark Cummins volunteered at the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival during St. Patrick's Weekend 2017.The day began in earnest with the volunteers...

Posted Mar 21 by Amy Woods


Celebrating International Volunteer Day!

International Volunteer Day is a global day that takes place every year on 5th December. It gives us a chance to recognise, thank and...

Posted Nov 21 by Amy Woods
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