Addictions and Recovery
addressing the causes, reality and recovery options for range of addictions

animal welfare and animal training

Arts, Culture & Media
using creativity as a means to help people express and enjoy themselves

looking after children, older and vulnerable people

from play-time to play therapy

Community Development
building ties to ensure healthy communities

creating a safer society for all

equal access to education opportunities for all.

Emergency and Ambulance Services
the front-line of medical and rescue services

Environment and Conservation
preserving our natural and built heritage for future generations

addressing a range of family issues

patient care and patient comfort

promoting our cultural heritage

Homelessness/ Housing
ensuring that everyone has a roof over their heads and assistance provided to those either homeless or at risk of homelessness

Human and Civil Rights/Equality
granting respect and dignity to every individual

Intellectual/Learning Disabilities
recognising and encouraging the abilities of everyone

Law/Legal Support/Justice
supporting victims through the legal system

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender)
ensuring sexual equality

Mens Groups
modern men and their issues

Mental Health
mental well-being and ways to achieve it

Minority Groups
addressing ethnic, cultural and racial issues

Older People/Active Retired
age is immaterial if the right environment exists in which to thrive

Overseas Aid/Development
volunteering abroad

Physical Disability
recognising and addressing the needs of people with physical disabilities to ensure equal access to services

safeguarding democracy

addressing the penal system and its after-effects

Refugees/Asylum Seekers
helping to ensure integration into Irish society and respect for cultural diversity

Religion/Faith based
supporting the development and delivery of faith based programmes

Sensory Impairment
recognising and addressing the needs of people with sensory impairment such as blindness and deafness to ensure that their needs are met in society

Social Inclusion
working with people who feel excluded from society,

Sports/Outdoor activities
promoting health, fitness and fun

addressing the societal and individual impact of nor working in a formal setting

Volunteering and Active Citizenship
actions/activities or organisations that seek to inspire or facilitate involvement of people in their community whether through volunteering or voting – lighting a candle to dispel the darkness

Womens Groups
modern women and their issues

helping teenagers achieve their potential