Administrative/Office work
reception, typing, filing and sometimes accounts

Advice, information and support
helping people to find the right information on a range of issues

acting for a person or cause to ensure their voice/point of view is heard.

Animal fostering
taking an animal into ones home and training it for a limited period

Architecture, Building, Construction
building, repairing, restoring and cataloguing our built heritage.

Arts (music/drama/crafts)
teaching, coaching, assisting with a range of arts and crafts from fine art to card making, playing guitar to singing and role playing to set design

becoming involved in the life of a person either as a friend with interests/hobbies in common or as a trusted adviser

supporting though positive actions such as writing to your local TD the development of a cause; a change in societies ways of viewing and responding to situations.

from tea-making to slicing and dicing

Committee/Board Work/Management
developing Volunteer Involving Orgnisations strategic and operational management systems through regular attendance at board/ management/ committee meetings.

from teaching basic computing to developing web-site and from network maintenance to developing social media.

digging, planting, weeding, removing non-indigenous plants, preserving the land and landscape.

from working as a qualified counsellor to people with emotional issues to listening to a variety of individuals in need of comfort or advice.

Disaster/Emergency services
responding to emergencies such as road accidents, floods, fire and mountain/sea rescue.

getting people who cannot drive for one reason or another to their appointments.

Events and stewarding
helping to organise, assist with and provide information at an event such as a parade

from book-keeping to preparing annual accounts

First aid
from putting a plaster on a child’s knee at a parade to being a cardiac first responder.

Fund raising
helping to raise funds in various ways.

Homebased/Virtual volunteering
providing ones expertise from home via the internet.

Hostel & Accommodation work
helping to run a clean, well run accommodation service by doing everything from washing up to being on reception.

IT Training
from hosting a beginners computing class to training in the use of social media.

Justice/legal assistance
from accompanying someone to court to providing legal advice as a fully qualified solicitor.

from helping a student to translating brochures

from filing books to telling stories

from designing brochures, to implementing a publicity campaign.

nursery rhymes and hand painting, ABCs and 123s

painting and latch replacing, digging, hoeing and fence mending.

Research/Policy work
from identifying primary sources to developing policy in reactions to changing circumstances

Residential volunteering
living in and assisting with the day-to day running of a residential home.

from sorting to serving customers

Short term/seasonal/once off
a commitment of a few hours or a day to complete an activity.

Specialist/technical support
from network administration to answering technical queries

Sports/outdoor activities/Coaching
coaching, assisting, playing enjoying a range of games from abseiling to football and bingo to swimming

Support and Key working
supporting an individual with special needs in both their day-to-day tasks and the achievements of their social and personal goals

Teaching/Tutoring/Supporting learning
from literacy tutoring to leaving student support.

Team and Corporate Volunteering
team building exercises that benefit the VIO and the corporate team

Technology and the internet
from developing web-sites to opening Facebook accounts

Youth work
from becoming a leader in a youth club to being a youth street worker.