Select the award category that best reflects the volunteer activities your nominee takes part in. More information about categories is available here.

    If you are nominating a volunteer duo please give the name of the second volunteer, if you are nominating an individual volunteer you can leave the next 3 boxes blank.

    Every nominee receives a thank you card form Volunteer Ireland acknowledging their commitment to volunteering and letting them know they have been nominated. Please provide a postal address for this card to be delivered. This can be the nominee's address, or if you do not have this, you can provide your own address.

    Tell us about this volunteer!

    Let us know what they do and how they make a difference, big or small. Provide as much information here as possible. The more we know about the volunteer, the more they will stand out.

    Nominated volunteers are marked on the following criteria:

    1. Dedication to their volunteer role

    2. Impact on their community or cause

    3. Demonstration of creativity, initiative or passion

    IMPORTANT – You know how amazing this volunteer is but we don't know anything about them or the organisation. Tell us in as much detail as possible how great they are!

    YOUR CONTACT DETAILS - We need this in case we have any questions about the nominee.