Volunteer Recruitment & Management PackagesA great event volunteering programme serves both volunteer and organisation, ensuring the people you recruit are engaged and the time they give is worthwhile.

We offer expert volunteer management contracts for ongoing or once-off volunteer programmes with your organisation, festival or event.

We work closely with event partners to ensure their goals are being met whilst providing a great experience for the volunteer.   Each of our packages is tailored to meet the aims of each organisation or event.

How Volunteer Ireland’s expertise can help you:

  • Improve strategies for involving volunteers more effectively
  • Build your organisation’s capacity for valuable volunteer engagement
  • Screening & Selection – recruiting the right volunteers for the role
  • Communication – meeting expectations & matching motivation
  • Induction and training – get the most from your volunteer team
  • Train and manage volunteers with structured supervision
  • Appropriately thank and recognise your volunteers
  • Retain volunteers – create a rewarding, enjoyable volunteer experience

Sample Volunteer Management Packages

Managing Volunteers at Festivals and Events Sample Packages