Volunteer Management and Leadership Packages at festivals and eventsVolunteer Ireland can help recruit, train, schedule and manage volunteers for events or fixed term projects.

From the promotional drive and recruiting volunteers to volunteer training and ongoing support and supervision, our skilled team offers a tailored service to suit your needs.

Volunteer Leadership & Management Packages

What can your volunteers do for you – and you for them? A great volunteer programme serves both volunteer and organisation, ensuring the people you recruit are engaged and the time they give is worthwhile.

We offer expert a range of Volunteer Leadership & Management Packages at festivals and events (pdf), these services can be tailored to suit your specific festival or event.

You can find out more by downloading our Volunteer Management Services & Products Brochure (pdf).  Download a copy of our Event Volunteers Brochure (pdf)

Talk to Stuart Garland, Training & Programmes Manager today on (01) 636 9446 or email stuart@volunteer.ie for more information.

How Volunteer Ireland’s expertise can help you:

  • Click here to down a copy of Volunteer Management Services & Products brochureIdentify where you are at regarding volunteer involvement and help you get where you want to be
  • Build your volunteer roles, schedule and report on your volunteer programme outputs
  • Planning – we work alongside you to build a top quality volunteer programme
  • Screening & Selection – recruit the right volunteers for the role
  • Interview volunteers with our talent search management software, allowing 24/7 video interviewing of potential volunteers
  • Communicate – meet expectations & match volunteers’ motivations
  • Induction and training – get the most from your volunteer and staff team, we can deliver face to face and online e-learning modules 
  • Personalised bulk text messaging to volunteers
  • Manage volunteers with structured supervision
  • Schedule your volunteers’ shifts and report on your programme through the use of Volunteer Impact software
  • Retain volunteers – create a rewarding, enjoyable volunteer experience
  • Appropriately thank and recognise your volunteers

Recent Projects

We have worked with some of Ireland’s biggest and best festivals and events to develop and manage innovative and exciting programmes that engage and inspire volunteers.

Through the Event Volunteers programme run in partnership with Fingal Volunteer Centre we have been involved in running volunteer programmes at close to 100 events and festivals.

Volunteer Ireland has worked with the following events, festivals and ambassador programmes – overseeing the recruitment, training, scheduling and day-to-day management of volunteers:

Events 2019

For more information on any of our Volunteer Management Services & Products please download our brochure (pdf).