Volunteer Ireland Master Class Series 2020Our Volunteer Management Master Class Series allows you access to our complete training suite that we can deliver in house for your organisation.  In our brochure, you can find details of our 32 master classes we are offering this year.

We engage actively with the International Association for Voluntary Effort (IAVE), Points of Light and the Centre for European Volunteering (CEV) as well as our colleagues from national volunteer development agencies to keep you abreast of the best practice in volunteer management.

We are specialists in volunteer management and leadership.  We don’t claim to be experts as we are constantly learning, which we feel is important in our field.  No other organisation in Ireland has a broader and more extensive experience of volunteer management than Volunteer Ireland.

Tailored bespoke volunteer management and leadership training

If you do not see something that meets your requirements from the brochure then please let us know.  We are always happy to discuss developing bespoke training to meet your needs.

All training is available as half or full-day sessions and can be scaled to fit your needs.  This reflects our modular approach to training, enabling us to bring together a combination of sessions along with our considerable experience to deliver training tailored to your specific needs.

For further information please contact Stuart Garland, Training & Programmes Manager, Volunteer Ireland.  Email stuart@volunteer.ie

Download our Volunteer Management Master Class Series (Adobe PDF)