Your local Volunteer Centre staff  deliver the Volunteer Ireland Volunteer Leadership Training Programme, which was redeveloped and updated in 2017. The programme consists of four modules delivered in a hands-on, participative style and is designed to provide you with a best practice volunteer leadership framework for involving volunteers in your organisation.

Module overiew:

    Module 1:  Planning for Volunteer Involvement

    Module 2:  Volunteer Engagement

    Module 3:  Day-to-day Management of Volunteers

    Module 4:  Dealing with Challenging situations and programme development

The training is offered at a low cost to participants. It is expected that participants will attend all four modules as they are designed as part of a continuum. Please check the calendar below to find a training offered in your local area. If you find a suitable date and location please contact the Volunteer Centre who is providing that particular training.

” We would love to have training in this field for two other members of staff, the training was so beneficial and practical I feel every organisation working with volunteers would benefit greatly from this training.”

In addition, many local Volunteer Centres also offer an introductory workshop to engaging volunteers called “Thinking of Involving Volunteers”. This 90 minute training course covers the initial steps organisations should consider when first engaging volunteers.  For more information contact your local Volunteer Centre.

Forthcoming Volunteer Centre Training

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