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Student Career Team Impact Day

Your team will welcome a group of secondary school students to your work place and guide them through a morning of active learning, sharing your teams experiences to inspire students to think about their future. Activities include: C.V. and cover letter writing, mock interviews, discussions on employer expectations, and sharing Skills Journeys.

Skills Journeys are the path your employees took to get to the job they are in today and the skills they need for this job. Hearing about the varied journeys that people take in their careers can be invaluable to students who are soon going to be making big decisions about further education and employment.

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Volunteer Ireland has developed a facilitator’s guide, which outlines activities and a step by step process for sharing career journeys, career planning, C.V. and cover letter development and fun mock interviews which employee volunteers participate in. We provide a preparation call with volunteers and will be there to support your team on the day.

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Suporting DEIS Schools

We work with schools that are part of the DEIS programme (Delivering Equality of opportunity in Schools.) These schools are designated by the Department of Education and Skills as being located in communities at risk of disadvantage and social exclusion. We aim to support children and young people who are at risk of experiencing educational disadvantage.


The cost varies depending on the number of employees involved but starts at €400 for a group of 15 students with a group of 10 or so employees.

We recommend that the career day happens at your offices. It can be inspirational for young people to see a modern work place and start to imagine that their future could be in an environment like this. The session usually starts at 10am and finishes at 1pm, companies are encouraged to provide lunch and a snack break and a tour of their office.