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Hands On Team Impact Days

Hands On Team Impact Days usually take place over a full day and may take the form of practical opportunities such as gardening, painting, refurbishment, environmental restoration. Your volunteers might paint a local community centre, improve a garden at a senior citizen’s residential complex or refurbish a school science lab.

Volunteer Ireland will source a project for your team, carry out site visits, detail the project tasks and outcomes, source all materials, arrange for all tools and materials to be ready at the host organisation when you arrive. We will then lead and advise your team through out the day to make sure the project is completed to a high standard.

Our focus is on quality. We aim to provide your employees with a high quality volunteer experience while ensuring we have a positive and measurable impact on the cause or community being supported.

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Project Management & Material Costs

To complete a Team Impact Day your company will need to provide a budget to cover the costs of the materials and tools required to complete the hands on project. There is also a project management fee for Volunteer Ireland’s project management services.

The costs for a standard Team Impact Day with up to 15 volunteers are €900 for materials and a €600 project management fee. Material costs may vary depending on the project you select.

For larger groups projects will be priced at up to €100 per volunteer which covers materials and management.

Previous Projects

We mostly work with smaller community organisations who do not have the financial or human resources to complete vitally necessary works. In most cases a project simply will not get completed without the support of a company and their employee volunteers. This makes Team Impact Days hugely impactful for the communities we support and very rewarding for the volunteers.

Have a look at some of the projects we have completed to see the kind of impact your team could have.

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