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Providing your company with high-impact, memorable volunteer projects to inspire your team.

We provide a fully managed service to source, organise and facilitate one off volunteering projects for your team. Team Impact Days can be arranged to suit teams of any size from 10 to 150+ volunteers. Activities include hands on projects such as painting and gardening, student career sessions and environmental projects.

We will organise the project from start to finish and lead your volunteers throughout the day, ensuring that your team has a memorable volunteer experience and that their contribution has an long term impact on the community or cause they are supporting.

Team Impact Day Projects

Hands On Projects

Support local organisations with painting, gardening and refurbishment…
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Hands On Projects usually take place over a full day and include practical opportunities such as gardening, painting and refurbishment. Your team might paint a local community centre, improve a garden at a senior citizen’s residential complex or refurbish a school science lab.

We will source and manage the whole project for your team…

Student Career Session

Share your skills journey to inspire young people to plan for their future…
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Meet with a group of secondary school students and guide them through C.V. reviews, mock interviews, and your personal skills journeys. Hearing about the varied journeys people take in their careers can be invaluable to students who will soon be making big decisions about their futures.

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Environmental Projects

Caring for our country with litter clean ups and invasive plant species removal…
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Join us as we come together with local organisations with a shared vision of cleaning up Dublin’s litter blackspots, and walk the beautiful Bull Island Nature Reserve to remove a non-native plant called Sea-Buckthorn, allowing our native wildlife to thrive.

We will source and manage the whole project for you…


Other Ways to Get Your Team Volunteering

Want to give your team more flexibility with when they can volunteer? Check out our Corporate Volunteering Calendar.

Calendar Activities

If you are looking to organise your own corporate volunteering event we’ve got plenty of advice on how to get started here.