Volunteer Ireland’s Team Impact Days is a service that matches teams of employees with not-for-profit groups for unique and meaningful community volunteer days. Suited to companies with limited internal resources to source and manage a team volunteering project and companies new to volunteering.

With our Team Impact Day service, Volunteer Ireland can help you identify your corporate volunteering ethos, connect your company with volunteer organisations, source projects for your staff, and evaluate the volunteering experience.

Similarly if you are a charity or community organisation who would like to welcome a corporate volunteering group to tackle a project, please contact Darren Cannon at

Why should your company take part?

Volunteering breaks down barriers and offers major benefits to your company, your staff and the community in which you operate. A company volunteer project can offer an increased opportunity to:

  • Raise the community profile of the company, by strengthening relationships with employees, enhancing image and brand awareness;
  • Promote wellbeing: employees benefit from making a difference in the community and report major satisfaction in contributing to a defined and valuable community need and in using their skills to work with colleagues in a new environment; and
  • Build organisational capacity by establishing new relationships, connecting with the community and meeting new people.

About Team Impact Days

Volunteer Ireland can work with your company to identify opportunities for your employees and support you in the delivery, co-ordination and evaluation of high-impact and memorable projects. These projects usually take place over a full day (occassionally a half day) and may take the form of practical opportunities such as gardening, painting, refurbishment, environmental restoration or group excursions e.g.: with children or those with special needs.

There is a project management fee for a standard Team Impact Day project – this is a handling fee to Volunteer Ireland, allowing us to allocate a member of staff to provide you with administrative and coordination support required to set up a project. The base cost for a project with 15 volunteers is €425 and each additional volunteer over 15-40 costs €10 per volunteer. A sample costing for a project involving 30 volunteers is below.

Project with 30 vols Base Cost No of projects to be sourced No. of additional volunteers Cost
Standard Management Fee (for 15 volunteers) €425 1 €425
Additional projects to be sourced €375  1 €375
Additional volunteers – 15 (€10 per additional volunteer) €10 15 €150
Total €950










Volunteer Ireland is happy to provide a project specific costing for companies looking to involve more than 40 volunteers. This is due to the extra administration and coordination that larger volunteer numbers and volunteer projects require.

Depending on the type of project, you should also allow an additional budget for materials to realise the project activities on the day (e.g. paint, plants, tools, etc). Depending on the project this might range from €500 – €800 and occassionally up to €1,500 for larger projects. You should also consider budgeting for employee food and travel expenses.

Email to enquire about our 2017 Team Impact Days.

How to find “hands on” Team Volunteering Opportunties (Adobe PDF)