Team Impact Day Case Study

Indeed Employee Volunteers at Mellow Spring Childcare

In September 2018, 25 Indeed staff took on the task of transforming a children’s outdoor play area at Mellow Spring Community Childcare Centre in Finglas. The centre, which has charity status, serves children from disadvantaged backgrounds ranging in ages from 6 months to 12 years.

The aim of this Team Impact Day project was to create inspiring play spaces in order to encourage the children to engage in free, child-centred play. Play is vital to healthy child development and it’s through play that children at a very early age learn to engage and interact with the world around them. Children learn to share, to solve problems, to engage with their peers and develop physically, cognitively and emotionally, all while playing. And if that’s not enough play develops imagination and creativity, improves dexterity and increases attention span.

With this in mind, prior to the day, we had a brainstorming session with the staff at Mellow Spring to develop a vision for the centre’s outdoor play area. The Indeed crew arrived on a gloriously hot, sunny day. Besides keeping hydrated the main tasks for the day included revamping the garden area, painting a wall mural and most importantly, transforming the five plain playhouses into inspiring play spaces.


The volunteers worked solidly throughout the day, digging, planting and reviving the garden area and mud kitchen, painting a colourful outdoor mural and re-staining the building’s outer wooden frame. And slowly but surely, bit by bit, with patience and creativity, the team magically transformed the plain playhouses into a firefighting station house, a busy post office, a caring hospital, a five-star restaurant and a local supermarket.


Top marks Indeed volunteers, you did a super job! In all your 25 staff members contributed 160 hours of volunteer time in a single day. But most importantly the children were enchanted with their new play spaces and the staff were ecstatic with the transformation and the joy the newly revamped play spaces will bring to the children.


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