Team Impact Day Case Study

Facebook Employee Volunteers at Aisling After School Project

Facebook recently refined their mission at a global level to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. In November 2018, 160 Facebookers came together for two full days with Volunteer Ireland to transform the facilities of Aisling Project, an afterschool project located in the north Dublin community of Ballymun.

The Aisling Project is for children, 7-14 years of age, in need of extra support. Many children attending the centre come from challenging life backgrounds where things that other children may take for granted…a hot meal in the evening, help with their homework, someone to listen to how their day went…are not always on offer.

The Aisling Project is a place where these children can go to each day after school, where someone will ask about their day, where they will get a hot meal so they sleep well that night and where they will get help with their homework so they can feel confident going to school the next day. It is a place where these children can be well and grow in a secure and supportive environment.

The Facebook Dublin team, from nationalities all over the world, along with an interior design volunteer and Volunteer Ireland’s Corporate Team designed, planned and transformed the inside of the old school building which is home to the Aisling Project.

It was a great couple of days with a lovely atmosphere; all while doing good for others. The volunteers performed this challenge with attention to detail, lots of persistence and plenty of chatting and getting to know each other even better. There was even the occasional break into song and dancing to the tunes being played.

The children returned to a completely different building the following Monday afternoon. They were thrilled with the bright fresh colours, the engaging wall murals and their super cool and comfy recreation room.

Well done to the Facebook team on a job well done, for your hard work cleaning, laying dustsheets, taping off doors and skirting boards, painting, painting and re-painting, assembling IKEA furniture with military precision and then dealing with the clean-up, clean-up and more clean-up. Thank you all for helping make the Aisling Project a more comfortable, engaging and stimulating space and for making the children’s days that little bit brighter.


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