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Corporate Volunteering Calendar

Does your company offer you time to volunteer? How can you make the most of this opportunity?

Our Corporate Volunteering Calendar is designed to help you make a difference. Join any of our corporate volunteer activities to lend your support to a cause you care about. We have volunteer activities to suit all interests and skills, we hope there will be something that appeals to everyone on your team.

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Corporate Volunteering Calendar


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Benefits for Your Company

This is the perfect solution for companies looking to encourage their employees to make use of their company volunteer days.

The Corporate Volunteering Calendar enables employees, individually or in small groups, to sign up, pay for and participate in any of our calendar activities throughout the year.

The calendar gives your teams and individual employees the flexibility to volunteer when it suits them and eliminates the need for your employees to spend their valuable time trying to find and organise volunteer activities.

Available Activities & Dates

Dublin Litter

Join us as we come together with local organisations with a shared vision of cleaning up Dublin’s litter black spots. Let’s put that ‘Dirty Ol’ Town’ reputation behind us!

Ticket Price: €35
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Invasive Plant Species

Join us as we walk the beautiful Bull Island Nature Reserve and divide into pairs to remove a non-native plant called Sea-Buckthorn, allowing our native wildlife to thrive.

Ticket Price: €35
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Cook Together
Eat Together

Join the residents at Balseskin Reception Centre to cook a simple meal and sit down to eat together. A unique opportunity to learn about each other and build connections.

Ticket Price: €45
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Unavailable: Due to COVID-19 Restrictions

Science & Art with Primary Students

Engage students in DEIS schools in active learning with an action-packed, fun-filled morning of art or science, with lots of learning and inspiration for all involved.

Ticket Price: €35
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Unavailable: Due to COVID-19 Restrictions

Skills Share

Share your knowledge and experience with local community organisations. A little advice can go a long way. Help these organisations expand their capacity & jump start new projects.

Ticket Price: €55
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Unavailable: Due to COVID-19 Restrictions

Hygiene Pack

Assemble care packs for people affected by homelessness, who may be living on the streets, in temporary accommodation or domestic violence shelters.

Ticket Price: €75
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Unavailable: Due to COVID-19 Restrictions

Quality Volunteer Experiences

As the national development organisation for volunteering in Ireland we are focused on providing positive, high quality volunteer experiences. We understand the incredible positive impact that volunteering can have on an individual’s wellbeing, their connectedness to their company and colleagues, and even their motivation at work. We also know that for volunteering to have these benefits, employees need to see that their efforts are having a positive and measurable impact on the community and the cause they are supporting. The activities in the corporate calendar have been curated to give your employees a meaningful and rewarding volunteer experience.

We provide materials in advance to let volunteers know what they will be doing and the impact their contribution will have, along with practical and safety advice. Each calendar activity is led by a Volunteer Ireland team member who will provide all necessary information prior to the activity, tools and materials and will guide and lead the group on the day.

Other Ways to Get Your Team Volunteering

Would you like to get your whole team out together with an event curated specifically for you? Check out our Team Impact Day service.

Team Impact Days

If you are looking to organise your own corporate volunteering event we’ve got plenty of advice on how to get started here.