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Thank You for Joining Us!

Thank you for attending our Grant Writing Webinar – with Peter Sharpe

Peter was kind enough to share his slides with us so you can look back over all the valuable insights he shared, view the pdf here:

Grant Writing Webinar Slides

We also recorded the session so you can watch the video below.

If you have a specific question and you would like to follow up directly with Peter you can email him at: peter@petersharpebids.co.uk

This webinar is part of Volunteer Ireland’s Bussiness Advice Programme that allows companies to share their skills with community organisations virtually. Would your community organisation or charity benefit from receiving some expert business advice and support? Get in touch today to discuss how this programme could support your organisation. or email Terri O’Brien at – terri@volunteer.ie.

The Business Advice Programme is just one of the ways volunteer Ireland supports charities to engage with corporate volunteers. If your charity or community organisation would like to learn more about engaging with corporate volunteers, you can view our different services here.