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As part of our Business Advice Programme Volunteer Ireland is curating a series of webinars to encourage knowledge sharing between the corporate sector and the community and voluntary sector. We are inviting company volunteers to present these webinars, sharing business knowledge and experience that could benefit charities and local organisations, helping them to strengthen their services and continue to support communities across the country.

This is a great opportunity for company employee volunteers to offer their support virtually both now and in the future. No matter what area of business you are in, you can be sure that community organisations would appreciate the opportunity to learn form your team. You can offer new perspectives and share ideas on how to approach some of the fundamental challenges that organisations of all sizes are facing.

Would you like your team to share their knowledge to support the community and voluntary sector? Register Your interest today!

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Upcoming Webinars

More webinars in our ongoing Business Advice Series to be announced shortly.

Previous Webinars

Business Advice Webinar Series: The Basics: Developing a Social Media Content Strategy with Social Media & Content Specialist Anna Pospieszynska

Presenter Anna Pospieszynska is a social media guru specialising in Social Media Content Strategy. In this session Anna talked about setting social media and marketing goals for your organisation, reviewing and learning from your past social media content, analysing platforms that will work best for your cause, creating a content calendar and encouraging public engagement with your social media content.

Business Advice Webinar Series: Make Your Grant Applications Stand Out From the Crowd with Peter Sharpe

Peter Sharpe has over 12 years’ experience both writing and evaluating grants and bids. In this webinar we discussed the do’s and don’ts of successful grant writing, how grant scoring works, the importance of answering the questions asked, highlighting your grant application’s Return on Investment (ROI) and providing and monitoring evidence and impact.

“I was thrilled to be invited by Volunteer Ireland to run a webinar on grant writing as part of their business advice series. The event was well-organised and I got loads of support from the VI team to make sure the session went well. It was a privilege to get to share my knowledge with the attendees and I’m delighted at the positive feedback from the session. I would recommend VI’s webinar series for any charity that wants to learn more and achieve their goals.”

– Peter Sharpe, Volunteer Webinar Presenter

“That was fantastic, so much practical and valuable tips in a short space of time!”

– Webinar Attendee

“Loads of excellent information. I feel a bit more confident going forward now. Looking forward to improved applications.”

– Webinar Attendee

Business Advice Webinar Series: Twitter for Non-Profits, Cultivating a Community with Lone Meffert and Kennedy O’Brien

Our Twitter employee presenters showed us how to Tweet like a pro, use the best hashtags, build a following, how to use the platform effectively and the best ways to advocate for your mission and share your insights, research and successes with your supporters and the wider Twitter community.

Twitter were kind enough to share their Twitter for Non-Profits Handbook which you can view here@

View Handbook

“It was a great session, this Business Advice Webinar was an awesome one, and I have passed both the brief and the handbook to my organization’s social media team!”

– Webinar Attendee

“A very useful session certainly and it will help our organisation on beginning their journey on twitter.”

– Webinar Attendee

LinkedIn for non-profits – Building your brand with LinkedIn with Susan O’Driscoll

In these changing times it is more important than ever to increase your organisation’s reach and share your message with as wide an audience as possible. This webinar explored how you can build connections and relationships via your LinkedIn Company Page and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

“So great to connect with the nonprofit sector in Ireland to understand their unique challenges during this time and to offer support in brand building and community engagement. Now more than ever this sector is offering a lifeline to so many people and LinkedIn are delighted to be able to assist on this journey.”

– Susan O’Driscoll, Volunteer Webinar Presenter

“Great productive hour, thanks so much to Susan, wonderful knowledge and insights. Thanks Terri, and all at Volunteer Ireland doing fantastic work. ”

– Webinar Attendee

“Fantastic content, thank you Susan. Lots of work ahead!”

– Webinar Attendee

Managing Change with Iseult O’Doherty from Carr Communications

We are going through the biggest social and economic change most of us have ever experienced. This webinar explored the fundamentals of change including stages of personal change, how workplace performance can be affected by change and how we can make sure our employees have the help and support they need to successfully adjust to these changes.

“I was delighted to present to the NGO sector, it was a great way for Carr Communications to engage and give back as part of our company CSR programme and for me to personally participate in an employee volunteering opportunity. I enjoyed delivering the session to a new group of people and appreciated their input during the session and helpful feedback afterwards.”

– Iseult O’Doherty, Volunteer Webinar Presenter

“I thought it was brilliant! Really great workshop, clear information and very valuable content.”

– Webinar Attendee

“Iseult and the content was excellent, as you would imagine from a presenter of her experience; the section on strategies for supporting teams such as ‘Check In not Check Up’ or celebrating successes was particularly good.”

– Webinar Attendee

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