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In response to the COVID-19 emergency Volunteer Ireland has launched a new Business Advice Programme giving company volunteers the opportunity to share their business knowledge, experience and expertise with the community and voluntary sector via their company’s employee volunteer programme. We are working with community organisations to identify their business needs and have devised 3 ways that company employee volunteers can offer their support virtually both now and in the future.

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Business Advice Programme

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Business Advice Call

Advice on a business topic specific to the community organisation’s current needs. Examples of advice requested might include: Things to consider when developing a communications strategy; WordPress website updates; online security advice related to employee home working; advice on choosing an online training platform.

How it works

An initial half-hour call to learn about the community organisation and an outline of the support they require, followed by a 1-hour call where the employee/s advise and support the organisation in their area of need.

Business Project Support & Development

More in-depth business project development and support. A well-defined but slightly longer-term project specific to the community organisation’s business needs. Examples of support requested might include: streaming volunteer-led classes for clients into organisational group home settings; developing an online booking and payment system for a small community centre; providing feedback and legal advice on policies such as GDPR, safeguarding, risk registers and safety statements.

How it works

An initial call to learn about the community organisation and an outline of the business support required. Both parties agree project goals, a timeline for implementation and get started!

Business Webinars

Business webinars on topics of interest to a wider group of community organisations during COVID-19 and beyond. Some examples of webinars that might be provided include: Developing a Contingency Plan for your organisation post COVID-19, Building your Organisation’s brand with LinkedIn’s Community Platform. If you have ideas on the types of COVID-19 related topics that are relevant in a business setting right now and would like to share your knowledge and expertise, please get in touch.

How it works

An initial call with Volunteer Ireland to discuss general business topics that you might be able to deliver and that are relevant to community organisations at this time. Scoping call involving 1-2 community organisations where required. Upon agreement, development and delivery of a business webinar.

Next Steps

Contact Terri at terri@volunteer.ie to register your interest and arrange a call to discuss the programme and how your employees might get involved.

We are very excited about this new opportunity and are looking forward to connecting with you to provide support to the Community & Voluntary sector during these unusual times.

Are you a community organisation that needs support?

Does your community organisation or charity have a project they need help getting off the ground? Would you like to receive advice and support with new challenges arising due to COVID-19? Is there a topic you would love covered in one of our business advice webinars?

Get in touch with Terri today at terri@volunteer.ie to discuss how this programme could support your organisation.