Corporate Employee Volunteering

As a community organisation or charity there are many benefits to engaging with corporate groups and employee volunteers. These activities build connections, develop stronger communities and are a great opportunity to gain exposure for your cause. Companies can provide financial support for completing projects and, when managed effectively, groups of employee volunteers can have a big impact in a short amount of time.

We understand that most organisations’ staff time is completely devoted to providing their essential services and they may not have the capacity to plan, organise and run events for groups of corporate volunteers.

Volunteer Ireland’s Corporate Programme

At Volunteer Ireland we provide a fully managed service to corporate organisations to deliver volunteer opportunities for their employees. We take care of sourcing projects, organising the events, managing budgets for tools and materials, preparation, clean-up and we lead the volunteers throughout the day.

By taking part in this programme your organisation can welcome employee volunteers knowing that our experienced team will be managing and facilitating every detail of the project.

Our focus is on quality, we aim to provide a rewarding volunteer experience while having a real and lasting impact on the organisations and the causes we support.

We are always looking to connect with more community organisations to identify projects that could be supported by employee volunteers.

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Hands On & Environmental Projects

One of the most popular options for corporate teams is hands on refurbishment or gardening projects which we facilitate through our Team Impact Day service. You can see some case studies of projects we have completed here, we have transformed schools, community centres, creches, parks, community gardens and sheltered accommodation. We also support environmental projects, such as litter picks and invasive plant species removal.

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Schools Projects

We have a number of projects designed to support DEIS schools, from volunteer led science and art projects for primary schools to career sessions for second level students.

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Social Inclusion Projects

We run a social inclusion programme called ‘Cook Together Eat Together,’ where a group of company employee volunteers visit a residential facility, such as sheltered accommodation for older people or for those who have experienced homelessness. Together the volunteers and the residents cook a simple meal and then sit down to eat together. These events are a unique opportunity for people from different backgrounds to learn about each other’s lives and build connections.

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Virtual Volunteering – Business Advice Programme

Throughout the year we run skill share sessions where employee volunteers share their skills with community organisations. During COVID-19 we have developed a Business Advice Programme that allows companies to share their skills virtually.

We are working with community organisations to identify their business needs and have devised 3 ways that company employee volunteers can offer their support virtually both now and in the future.

Business Advice Calls

A one off call with a volunteer advisor on a business topic specific to the your organisation’s current needs.

Business Support & Development

More in-depth business project development and support for a well-defined project specific to your organisation’s business needs.

Business Advice Webinar Series

A series of webinars presented by company volunteers, curated to support community organisations with their business development.

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Upcoming Webinars

More webinars in our ongoing Business Advice Series to be announced shortly.

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Organising Your Own Projects for Corporate Teams

If you are planning to organise your own project, we have put together a guide with tips on how you can start working with companies.

Download our guide to involving employee volunteers, or contact for more information.