Make the most of National Volunteering Week 2015

It’s that time of year again… The Volunteer Ireland office is buzzing as we work towards our favourite week of the year – National Volunteering Week!

National Volunteering Week, supported by Salesforce, takes place from May 11th – 17th – the one week of the year when we encourage everyone in Ireland to give volunteering a try.

National Volunteering Week is also an opportunity to shine a light on the inspiring work of volunteers and highlight the value and impact of volunteering to Irish society.

So, with four weeks to go until the big week, we’ve put together five simple ways to make the most of National Volunteering Week 2015:

Recruit new volunteers!

Are you looking to recruit new volunteers? There’s no better time that National Volunteering Week – one of the busiest weeks of the year on our I-VOL database. Make sure your opportunities are posted on I-VOL to make the most of all the attention!

Publicise existing volunteering opportunities

National Volunteering Week is all about making it easier for the public to volunteer. If you have ongoing volunteer roles available – make the most of National Volunteering Week by publicising how people can get involved. Make volunteering more visible on your website for the week, post on social media (#NVW2015) and, of course, make sure all your roles are registered on I-VOL.

Host a National Volunteering Week project or event

Looking to tackle a big project and require more help? Make the most of NVW to engage a big group of volunteers to help out. Unsure of where to start? Get in touch with your local Volunteer Centre or Volunteer Information Service who can help you get started.

Highlight how your volunteers are making a difference

Could your organisation survive without volunteers? Publicise how your volunteers help by posting a message on social media (#NVW2015), your website – or perhaps make a video from all your team thanking volunteers? The two most important words in volunteer appreciation are thank you.

See what NVW events are happening near you

Volunteer Centres across Ireland are hosting great events for volunteer-involving organisations during National Volunteering Week. Check in with your local Volunteer Centre to see how you can get involved.

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