Invitation to Tender: Volunteer Ireland Website

1. Introduction

1.1 About Volunteer Ireland

Volunteer Ireland is the national volunteer development organisation and a support body for all local Volunteer Centres and Volunteering Information Services in Ireland. We work to support, promote and celebrate volunteering. We do this in many ways, working with a variety of stakeholders:

  • Volunteers and Volunteering – We promote and celebrate volunteering in Ireland through campaigns such as National Volunteering Week and the Volunteer Ireland Awards. Along with Volunteer Centres across the country, we manage I-VOL (the national database of Irish volunteering opportunities and listings).
  • Charities and Not for Profit Organisations – We support volunteer involving organisations by offering bespoke training, consultancy and an extensive range of online guides and resources on engaging volunteers.
  • Corporates – We support companies interested in volunteering with advice and guidance, and also through our hands-on corporate volunteering programme.
  • Events and Festivals – We offer volunteer management services for large-scale public events and festivals (e.g.: Dublin Marathon, Pride) as well as supporting volunteer ambassadors programmes.
  • Student Abroad Service Learning Programmes – We offer volunteer placement programmes for third level students.
  • Volunteer Centres and Volunteering Information Services – There are 22 Volunteer Centres and 7 Volunteering Information Services across the country who work with Volunteer Ireland. Volunteer Ireland develops and supports best practice in volunteering and Volunteer Centres, including the evaluation of Volunteer Centres according to a quality standard framework.

Volunteer Ireland is a registered charity (CHY 15474).

1.2 Current Website

Website URL:

Annual traffic (2019): 263,034 visitors and 180,254 unique visitors

CMS used: WordPress

How we drive traffic to the website: Email newsletters, social media, promotional materials, events, training.

1.3 Rationale for new website

Our current website was developed in 2017. While we were happy with the site at the time, it is no longer fit for purpose. Given our nature as a national support organisation, we store a lot of information on the website and the current architecture is awkward and not user friendly.


2. Website Requirements

2.1 Branding

Volunteer Ireland has a set of branding guidelines with detailed information on logos and brand colour palettes. We have access to a number of volunteer related stock photos that can be used throughout the website. We also have a limited number of photographs from previous projects or events that may be used, if required. The brand guidelines are available on request.

2.2 Target Audience

Our target audiences include:

  1. Volunteers: members of the public (current or potential volunteers)

This is a diverse group aged between 16 –70+. Some are very computer literate and used to accessing services online; others, especially older adults might be less computer literate. A smaller proportion have limited English (non-native speakers) or general literacy issues, and some might be visually or hearing impaired.

In general, the Volunteer audience comes to the website to:

  • Find out more about volunteering in general (they might like to see what kind of volunteering can be done, how it all works, look at other peoples’ experience)
  • Search and apply for volunteering opportunities or search for specific organisations to volunteer with (via the I-VOL database)
  • Find details of their local Volunteer Centre
  • Find out about events and news
  • Contact us with questions
  1. Organisations (charities, non-profit organisations, community groups)

In general, people from this group come to the website to:

  • Find out what Volunteer Ireland does and what services we offer (training, advice, support, capacity building etc.)
  • Get information and support for their volunteer programme
  • Learn about our advocacy work
  • Learn about specific campaigns and programmes like the Volunteer Ireland Awards and National Volunteering Week
  • Access our Garda Vetting service
  • Access resources and toolkits
  • Find out about and register for events
  • Contact us with questions
  1. Other audiences include: funders and potential partners; other stakeholders from the sector; corporates, event organisers.

In general, these would look to:

  • Find out about Volunteer Ireland work and governance structure
  • Access news and publications
  • Learn about our advocacy work
  • Learn more about ongoing projects and collaboration opportunities
  • Learn about our corporate volunteering programme
  • Learn about our event volunteer services

2.3 Information Architecture

Given the large volume of information stored on the website and the variety of different types of user that visit the website, we would like the chosen company to work with us to develop an appropriate information architecture for our needs. We need clear pathways to guide the different types of user through the site, quickly leading them to the information they are looking for.  There are a number of very different user journeys that need to be developed and an outside perspective on this would be welcomed.

2.4 Feature Requirements

Some key features the website will need include:

  • An interactive event calendar that speaks to Eventbrite
  • A form plugin for contact forms and nominations to the Volunteer Ireland Awards
  • A visually appealing blog section
  • Potential to link in with advocacy campaigning tools such as Ecanvasser or Nation Builder


3. Submission of Tenders

Tenders are invited from experienced consultants who can facilitate this work. Tenders should include the following:

  • Brief description of your experience building and designing websites, including WordPress.
  • Evidence of prior experience in delivery of similar projects. Particular emphasis should be placed on experience of creating websites that contain large volumes of content in different forms and that have a diverse user base.
  • An outline of your approach to this project, key deliverables and timelines. You may include some design ideas or examples from existing websites to indicate what might work well for our organisation, if you wish.
  • A brief description of your experience creating and tracing good user experience(s), and a brief outline of your approach to creating the most suitable user journey for our target audiences.
  • An outline of how the content and day-to-day maintenance of the website will be managed, there are several people on our team who currently update and add content to the website as necessary, we need to maintain this level of usability from our side.
  • An outline of what ongoing support will be needed after completion of website; if applicable, please provide a separate quote for providing the required ongoing support.
  • An outline of your suggested hosting solution. Would bug-fixing/ patching/ security be provided as part of the hosting service? How regularly is the site reviewed? How quickly would the site be recovered if it goes down? How will we be notified of any issues? Note: Hosting is not a necessary requirement but desirable.
  • 2 references/ contact details for previous customers.
  • Quotation in Euros and inclusive of VAT, including all costs associated with the work such as preparation time and any expenses as required.

The finished website must comply with any legal requirements such as privacy and equality legislation and company law.

The finished website should be fully accessible (see guidelines of The Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (CEUD)).

Volunteer Ireland shall not accept any responsibility for any expenses or loss, which may be incurred in the preparation of a Tender.


4. Duration

The project should be completed within four months of the tender award.


5. Key Deliverables

  1. Initial meeting to discuss structure and design based on Volunteer Ireland’s needs; agree timeline; advice on server/ hosting requirements
  2. Development of information architecture in collaboration with Volunteer Ireland
  3. Outline of complete structure, design and functionality provided before implementation begins
  4. Implementation (built, design, content, all technical requirements)
  5. Usability/accessibility testing
  6. Brief staff manual produced and training provided for staff
  7. Project signed off by both parties as completed

6. Selection Criteria

Tenders will be evaluated on the information provided at the time of tender. The successful applicant will be notified within two weeks from closing date for receipt of tenders. Unsuccessful tenders will be notified where valid contact details are provided.

Criterion Maximum Score Available
Relevant Experience, Track Record 30%
Understanding of the Brief; proposed

structure and design

Cost of successful project delivery and value

for money

Total Maximum Score Available 100%

7. Budget

The budget for this project, inclusive of VAT, is €10,000 – €15,000.

8. Submissions

Interested parties should submit a brief, fully costed proposal to deliver the work outlined above, by Wednesday 4th November.

We aim to make an appointment within two weeks of the closing date. Please submit proposals electronically to Amy Woods – For questions about the tender please email or phone Amy on 085 717 9261.

Please note that late submission of tenders will not be accepted.

Volunteer Ireland Website Tender

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