Awards Categories

Animals and Environment

Organisations which are involved in working with animals in both a therapeutic and a caring context, as well as organisations which are focused on environmental issues, safety and/or sustainability

Arts, Culture and Media  

Organisations such as libraries, galleries, theatres, drama groups, cultural centres, film and photography groups, heritage groups, community radio, etc.

Campaigning and Awareness Raising

Organisations whose core focus is on human rights, awareness raising, and campaigning around injustice

Children and Youth

Organisations working to provide for the welfare, safety, and wellbeing of children and young people


Organisations which are community based such as community centres, schools, church groups, neighbourhood groups, etc.

Safety & Emergency Services

Organisations such as first responders, first aid, search and rescue, mountain rescue, the Coast Guard, etc.

Health and Disability

Organisations working with and for people who are ill or disabled, either mentally or physically (or both) to improve quality of life.

Social Work & Social Inclusion

Organisations covering a range of fields including homelessness, the prison service, asylum seekers, domestic violence, hospices, drugs, victim support, etc

Sports and Recreation  

Organisations such as sports clubs, recreation centres, leisure clubs/centres, hill walking groups, fitness, play groups, dancing clubs, etc.

Outstanding Group Award 

Outstanding achievement of a voluntary team of three people or more.

The category that the individual is nominated for is determined by the focus of the work of the organisation that they volunteer in.

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