National Day of Volunteering (2007-2011)

What is the National Day of Volunteering?

Ireland’s first National Day of Volunteering took place in September 2007. Since that year, over 25,000 people have volunteered for NDV projects across Ireland. The National Day of Volunteering was established to encourage the public to give volunteering a go. Hundreds of commuinty groups and charities have engaged with NDV, using the day to attract volunteers and tackle once off volunteering projects.

In 2011

The National Day of Volunteering is the day when we encourage everyone in Ireland to give volunteering a go, to show that – even for a minute, an hour, a day – volunteering can make a big difference and be a lot of fun! NDV 2011 took place on Friday. September 30th, 2011. Co-ordinated by Volunteer Ireland and more than 20 Volunteer Centres across Ireland, the National Day of Volunteering 2011 saw a record number of participants.


National Day of Volunteering 2011 Knit-a-thon

The flagship event for the National Day of Volunteering 2011 was a national ‘knit-a-thon’. Thousands of volunteers across the country knitted scarves, hats and mittens for a range of charity organisations including Age Action, ARC Cancer Support, Bees for Battons, CASA, Friends of the Rotunda Hostpital, Irish Heart Foundation, Oxfam and Third Age. Volunteer Ireland partnered with the Irish Countrywomen’s Association whose members knit thousands of hats, scarves and mittens which went on sale throughout Kilkenny stores nationwide in aid of the Irish Heart Foundation. Over 10,000 ICA members participated in the project raising up to €50,000 for the Irish Heart Foundation. At 1pm on NDV 2011, hundreds of knitters gathered at over 50 public ‘knitting sites’ across Ireland to set a new record for ‘Most People Knitting Simultaneously’.

In 2010:

8,000+ volunteers
66% increase in online registrations
Projects took place across 22 counties
Hundreds of older people took part in 16 public ’flashmob’ events

In 2009:


4,000+ volunteers
170 projects
Projects took place across 24 counties

in 2008:

2500+ volunteers
130+ projects
Projects took place across 22 counties


In 2007:

838 individuals participate 297 were youth volunteers (aged under 18)
68 projects took place in 60 organisations across 14 counties
2,583 hours of volunteering hours were generated