Volunteer Ireland: Guided Meditation with Jane Negrych

22/09/2020 @ 13:00 – 13:45
Volunteer Ireland: Guided Meditation with Jane Negrych @ Online
Join Jane Negrych from Sanctuary for a short guided mediation. A great way to step away from the desk at lunchtime!

This session will be an introduction to meditation that explores the unsettled mind and then offers a practice to help settle the mind.

Facilitator: Jane Negrych

Jane Negrych is Managing Director of The Santuary which is a meditation centre for social change in the heart of Dublin City. It is a charity founded by Sr. Stan Kennedy in 1998, long before meditation or mindfulness was on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Most importantly, it was inspired by Stan’s own personal practice of contemplation and meditation and its ability to sustain Stan in her commitment to work with homeless people and her other social innovations.

All its courses are inspired by a deep and heartfelt wish and vision to change culture through compassionate action, ultimately helping to create a more resilient society.

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