Webinar: Global and European Trends in Volunteering 2018

December 7, 2018 @ 11:00 – 12:30
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Trends 2018In October 2018 I was fortunate enough to attend and moderate at the World Volunteering Conference organised by IAVE (the International Association of Volunteer effort) that took place in Augsburg, Germany. Volunteer Ireland has been a member of IAVE for a number of years and along with our membership of CEV (The European Volunteer Centre) and Points of Lights these networks give us the opportunity to collaborate with our colleagues and learn about volunteer management and leadership in their countries. October was a busy


month as the European Volunteer Centre held their General Assembly in Brussels.

In a previous blog I spoke about our need to be aware of the changes in the increase of Informal volunteering, according to the UN report on the state of the world volunteering (2018), 70% of volunteering globally is informal – without an organisation, person to person.

At the 2014 conference in Mexico City I spoke to colleagues in the Latin American countries that informal volunteer was to the fore and that they would like to have more formal volunteering but lack the volunteering infrastructure to deliver. When speaking to these colleagues I suggested we had a lot to learn from them about their experiences.

Organisations reliant on formal volunteering with volunteers turning up on a consistent regular basis need to be aware that formal volunteering is declining and they need to start thinking about longer term volunteer strategies, this isn’t just a fad, it is happening around the world. Today’s volunteer is much more precious with their time and we’ve got to be proactive in our approach to engage these volunteers, we must be flexible in our approach.

There were many topics and discussions at the 2018 IAVE World Volunteering Conference and I hope to share a number of them with you on our upcoming Webinar Global and European Volunteering Trends, which takes place online on Friday 7 December 2018 at 11:00. If you can’t make the live webinar a recording will be available afterwards.

Stuart Garland
Training & Programmes Manager
Volunteer Ireland

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