Volunteering Event: International Volunteer Managers Day

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International Volunteer Managers Day

International Volunteer Managers Day logoInternational Volunteer Managers Day (IVM Day) is celebrated globally on November 5 each year. The day is put aside to allow volunteer managers a chance to reflect on and celebrate the critical work they do, and more importantly, it allows an opportunity for them to educate others about the significant role they play in mobilising the often complex resources volunteers bring with them.

Mission / Statement of Values

We celebrate the profession of volunteer leadership because:

  • Volunteer Managers have the skills and knowledge to help people be part of the solution in meeting community needs. Even in cynical times, they practice the art of the possible.
  • Volunteer Managers change lives — both the lives of volunteers themselves and of those served by well-led volunteers. It is a life-changing profession. Volunteer managers provide the leadership and direction that allows people to build a good and just society and to mend the social fabric. Without professional leadership, people’s time, talents and efforts could be wasted.
  • A well-run volunteer program shows the community, including potential donors, that the organisation is not afraid of public scrutiny and involvement and endeavours to make the most efficient use of monetary assets.
  • Well-led volunteers become an advocacy and public relations force for an agency or program — a force no amount of money could buy.

Ways to take part

  • Have the CEO head of your organisation write to each volunteer telling them how important the work of the Volunteer Programme Manager working in their organisation is.
  • Remember to send a thank you message to the extended group of staff in your agency who support the work of volunteers (but who may not be recognised as a Volunteer Programme Manager). It’s a great way to gain support and educate.
  • Send an e-card to your peers and colleagues.
  • Encourage your local Volunteer Centre to host an event or mention the day in their newsletter.
  • Find ways to educate your agency about your role through the promotion of the day.
  • Use IVMDay as an excuse to write an article about your role for your agency newsletter or local paper.
  • Place a link to the IVMDay website from your volunteer web page.
    If you are a member of a professional Association, create an annual award to celebrate the work of Volunteer Programme Manager in your area.
  • Throw a party to honoru Volunteer Programme Managers in your area.
  • Hold a press conference and invite local dignitaries to talk about the community impact of the work of Volunteer Programme Manager
  • Nominate your Volunteer Manager for a Volunteer Ireland Award
  • Send a press release to the editor of your local newspaper that highlights the special work that Volunteer Programme Managers do in the community.
  • Put a reminder to celebrate IVMDay on November 5 in the signature line of your emails.
  • Prepare celebratory gift bags for the Volunteer Programme Manager so that they can have a treat on the special day.
  • Encourage your local VolunteerCentre to host an event and then encourage as many Volunteer Programme Managers as you can to attend. Take lots of photos and remember to use them to publicise IVMDay the following year.

2019 Theme – Time for Change

International Volunteer Managers Day 2019 - Change the Tune!Join our IVMDay 2019 campaign! The theme for 2019 is Change the Tune. For volunteer managers and demonstrate how we are agents and advocates of change for volunteers and volunteering. We hope that this timely theme will allow us to explore the changes needed in our great profession to ensure it remains relevant and powerful into the future.





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2019 Branding

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