Video journal of EY Team Impact Day

Read the story below of how Volunteer Ireland worked together with 80 EY graduates this summer to paint all rooms and transform a long unused garden in Ireland’s largest crèche based in Darndale.

Kelda Barnes, Creche Manager, Darndale Belcamp Village Centre:

“The Team Impact Day with EY has made such a difference to the centre.

For the past number of years we have spent months trying to get the rooms painted for the start of the new school year and had to fundraise for paint with cake sales etc. EY’s Team Impact Day has meant that our entire main building was ready for the children to start in September and they moved into rooms of beautiful colours that they can then decorate with their own artwork and ideas. Parents and children have all commented on how well the centre looks and it really gave us a head start into the new year!

Our baby room garden has been a “no go” area for the past number of years. With up to 9 babies in the room at any one time it was a waste of a fabulous space. The EY gardening volunteers have made such an impact for our youngest children. They have created a space to play, to climb, to enjoy fresh air and to develop in a healthy and safe area. It is fabulous (and moved our care workers to tears!).

Our children include some that are currently experiencing homelessness or severe overcrowding in their homes. This affects their physical and mental health. To be able to provide spaces to play, both indoors and outdoors, that are colourful, inviting and safe ensures that we can really support their development in their early years and hopefully give them the best start into a journey of lifelong learning.

A massive thank you to Volunteer Ireland and EY for making such a wonderful difference to our centre, it is hugely appreciated.”

Sorcha Killian, Graduate, EY – Blog:

“On Thursday the 27th of June, myself and several interns all bundled ourselves into a bus to travel to Darndale as part of EY’s Corporate Social Responsibility Day (Charity Day). Over two days all EY interns travelled to the Darndale Belcamp Integrated Childcare Service where we helped to repaint the entire crèche and reinvigorate a garden which hadn’t been used in almost ten years!

Darndale crèche is one of the largest government subsidised crèches in Europe, supporting over 230 children many of which are suffering with homelessness, are living on or below the poverty line or come from disadvantaged areas. However having met many of the workers and parents whilst working there you would never guess what hardships many had suffered and they were nothing but upbeat, positive and kind throughout our visit.

“I can safely say it was my favourite day so far of my internship”

After arriving and receiving a heartfelt welcome from the Volunteer Ireland group and the crèche workers we set to work. The five gal pals (as I unashamedly referred to us) quickly nabbed the nap room as our work space. Accompanied by the dulcet tones of Paulo Nutini on repeat and a tin of hot pink paint we started what was honestly a fantastic day.

Despite our complete lack of expertise and the fact we got as much paint on ourselves as we did the wall, as shown by the vibrant strike on my arm in the picture, we managed to complete not just one but two rooms (in varying shades of pink) and still had time to clean up by the end of the day.

Not only was it rewarding to finish a job but the kindness and gratitude we were gifted by the crèche employees and the workers from Volunteer Ireland made it a truly special day. I can safely say it was my favourite day so far of my internship (not that I don’t love my wild days in audit!) and I’m truly grateful to EY for giving me the opportunity to make at least a small difference to a wonderful cause.”