Volunteer Ireland would not be able to complete its work without the support of our invaluable volunteers over the years.

Volunteers in 2017 include:

Mark Cummins

Anita Corcoran

John Hayes

Miriam Juantegui

Justine Zimmerman

Anthony Sheehy

Paquita Rogers

Karine Murta

Victoria Velenoa

Emanuela Cepoiu

Volunteers in 2016 included:

Peter Sharpe

Sonia Camuña

Simon Browne

Leah Carroll

Sean O’Connor

Marina Manas

Emily Shapiro

Jane Doyle

Laura Caden

Hazel Doran

Marha Valseca

Cailín Walsh

Danielle Vandre

Joey Dunne

Marcel Whelan

Caroline Reber

You can see a list of those who have volunteered with us in 2015 below:

Samantha Bhaumik

Leah Carroll

Alan Higgison

Brendan O’Rourke

Tony Swaine

Tatiana Turchina

Maurice Whelan

Emma Kell

Helen Nolan

Colm O’Connell

Donal O’Donoghue

Motasim Alsayed

Alexandros Papageorgiou

Carmel Murphy

Marcelo Albuquerque

Simon Browne

Sam Reid

Andrew Cheevers

Zachary Sonnichsen