Partner Promise

Policy Statement

As a charity, it is important for Volunteer Ireland to make ethical choices that are in line with the principles of the community and voluntary sector in Ireland, and best practice principles of volunteering. Our values are Inclusion, Respect, Integrity and Courage. These values, along with our core belief that volunteer well-being is at the heart of everything we do, will guide our choices.

Partner Promise

Volunteer Ireland prides itself on its core values and ethical standards and as such will only work with companies and organisations whose business practices respect human dignity, are not in breach of law and uphold Volunteer Ireland’s values.

Our values


We work to foster a positive and inclusive workplace in Volunteer Ireland, where the talents and contribution of each member of our team can be utilised. Our policies and practice are inclusive and accessible. We value each other as equals. Everyone is encouraged to perform well and enjoy their work.


We show consideration for and value one another. We acknowledge and respect the unique contribution of each team member, their ideas, work styles, backgrounds, experiences and talents. We strive to conduct our work in a manner respectful to all.


We conduct ourselves to the highest professional standards. We work cooperatively and engage openly and honestly with all our stakeholders. We operate a transparent organisation and commit to working in partnership with those who share our values.


We bring courage to our work and we are willing to pioneer new ways forward. We lead boldly and act decisively for good.  We enjoy freedom to change and pursue new possibilities for our future and the future of volunteering.