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​Is your organisation looking to recruit volunteers? Volunteer Ireland local Volunteer Centres are here to help! In this section you'll find factsheets and guides designed to help you develop volunteer role descriptions, design volunteer advertisements and recruit the right volunteers for your organisation. 

Looking to advertise a volunteering opportunity? Post available roles in your organisation on, Ireland's only national database of volunteering opportunities.

Have you considered sourcing a team of employee volunteers to assist you with a project? Employee volunteering, or corporate volunteering, is part of a growing culture of corporate social responsibility where companies actively encourage their employees to volunteer in the local community. Employee volunteering is most suited to time-limited projects that enable the volunteer to see before and after results. Click here for more information on how you can involve a team of employee volunteers.


How to Develop a Volunteer Role Description

A volunteer role description defines what the volunteer’s purpose is and how they will fit into your organisation. It clarifies expectations and makes the process of recruitment and selection easier since the description can be used to determine a person’s suitability for the activity. It is a good idea to involve staff who may be working with the volunteer when developing the role description. They will understand the ins and outs of the role and know what skills will be required and what training should be provided.


Designing a Successful Volunteer Recruitment Advertisement

Taking time and care in creating an effective advertisement and advertisement campaign is crucial in the overall recruitment process. Getting your advertising right will improve success rates and speed up the process of finding suitable volunteers to involve in your organisation.


Reference Checks

A reference check is a key step in the volunteer recruitment and screening process. Checking references verifies details gathered from the volunteer during the application and interview process and helps assess the applicant’s suitability for the role. References can be given over the phone or in writing. In some situations reference checks are an appropriate alternative to the Garda Vetting process. In other situations reference checks can complement the screening procedures already in place.


Screening and Selection

Screening and selection is the process of ensuring your organisation chooses the appropriate applicant for the appropriate role. Ideally, screening and selection incorporates a variety of steps and does not rely on any one method or measure. Getting each step right will improve the quality of applications and ultimately improve your chances of finding the right match. The level and extent to which you screen volunteers is determined by the services you provide and the nature of the role. Screening is particularly important if volunteers work with children, young people or vulnerable adults. Screening may also be necessary in cases where volunteers are unsupervised, deal with finances or visit a client’s home. It is vital to remember that screening does not provide a 100% guarantee that the volunteer will be a perfect fit.


Guide to Interviewing Volunteers

The interview is an essential step in the volunteer screening and selection process and provides an opportunity for both the organisation and volunteer to learn more about one another. The interview is invaluable in assessing if the applicant is a good “fit” for your organisation. It is important to remember that an interview is a two-way process and, even though a volunteer attends an interview, it does not mean they have fully decided to volunteer with your organisation. Therefore, you should outline the benefits of volunteering with your organisation, the supports you can offer, and how the volunteer can help further your mission and aims.



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