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Gavin Duffy (Graphic Designer)

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Gavan is founder of Duffy Design, a Dublin based graphic design consultancy based in Grand Canal Dock. Gavan has worked on projects as a volunteer for a number years.  His first and by far the largest opportunity was with the Special Olympics Games 2003. Gavan and his team were responsible for the initial design programme started in 2001 in conjunction with Fleishman Hillard International. They had no idea how big the project would turn out to be, nobody did!

Gavan and his team rose to the challenge, in the true spirit of volunteerism. Design and branding were an integral part in the promotion of the games and the variety of design activities were vast.  They became known as the “brand police” - everything created under the brand was reviewed and approved by Gavan and his team. The review process was also important as it ensured that key sponsors were properly represented and integrated into the communications strategy.

Once we were introduced to Gavan we quickly realised the benefits of working with a talented and creative designer. We were genuinely astonished and delighted with the end product. ‘Simplicity and clarity with a depth of meaning’ was how we assessed our new identity. We are now in a position to properly develop our marketing and promote all future developments

Joe Donellan (Director, The Anchorage)


It was a huge project but Gavan was committed and enthusiastic, realising it was a fantastic experience to be part of the creation of a wonderful and important message to encapsulate and share the essence of the games with the whole country.  From a business perspective Gavan’s team gained wonderful exposure in the community and voluntary sector as a result of the project and many of their new clients are from the third sector.

More recently, Gavan is working with a small local community and voluntary organisation - the Anchorage Project is a community centre operating from an old Mission Hall in Ringsend in Dublin. The project provides a pre-school playgroup, a children’s club and a café with internet facilities. The Anchorage Project also grows flowers and breeds rabbits, guinea pigs, budgies, canaries and finches, all of which are sold on and the profits are used to fund the centre and help community development projects in the developing world.

The Anchorage provide much needed services to the local community and are very much a growing entity.  Gavan and some members of his team visited Joe Donnelly, Director at the project, to get a sense of the Anchorage’s ethos, work and vision. They then produced some ideas for a new logo (link to case study of the anchorage case study with logo). The new logo encapsulates the Anchorage’s vision succinctly. The new identity really means something to the Anchorage Project team. It is a distinct red anchor with the ‘dove of peace’ beside it. The new logo is up to date, simple, and has clear meaning. Anyone who sees it will acknowledge that peace and social justice are the underlying reasons for the Anchorage Project’s existence.

Once the design stage was complete Gavan applied the logo to the various needs of the organisation. The first and foremost requirement was to create signage outside the main building. The Anchorage’s location is somewhat hidden away. Signage is often an underestimated means of creating recognition and awareness.  The identity is now firmly planted in the local community’s mindset through visual representation. Secondly Gavan designed a set of headed notepaper and stationary. Regular communication to sponsors, parents, volunteers, local government bodies, etc, is an ongoing core activity. The new stationary gives a professional look and feel. Gavan and his team are now working on a small web site for the Anchorage.  It will be just a few web pages, filled with photos, articles and evidence of fundraising activities and the community services being provided. The website will professionally demonstrate and properly reflect the Anchorage’s work and its growth over the last ten years.

Joe Donellan, Director, The Anchorage project explains; “For some time we had been brainstorming ideas for a logo or symbol that would encapsulate our project. Once we were introduced to Gavan we quickly realised the benefits of working with a talented and creative designer. Gavan was committed and listened carefully to our requirements and worked with passion. We were genuinely astonished and delighted with the end product. ‘Simplicity and clarity with a depth of meaning’ was how we assessed our new identity. Well done and take a bow Gavin, yourself and your team hit the mark! We are now in a good position to develop our marketing and promote all future developments.”


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