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Training & orientating volunteers for festivals and events

Download a copy of our training & orientating volunteers for festivals and events brochureExperience counts

Volunteer Ireland has vast experience of developing volunteer training programmes for events and festivals. We work closely with event partners to ensure that volunteers are aware of roles, responsibilities and key messaging before and during an event.

Volunteer Ireland can develop interactive training sessions for all volunteers and team leaders at your festival or event. The training will be developed on the basis of our experience of national and international event volunteer training and will also include specific information relevant to your event or festival.

Sample course content 

- The aims and objectives of the event
- Key messaging to be provided by event partners
- Event overview and mapping
- Volunteer role overview
- Event day routine and preparations
- Transportation
- Safety (personal, spectators / general public, event partners)
- Managing risks
- Safeguarding
- Crowd Safety and Dynamics
- Volunteer support structures
- Group scenarios & role plays
- Problem solving steps
- Dealing with difficult situations
- Customer service
- Diversity, Mental health and disabilities
- Communication Skills
- Being a HOST (positive ambassador roles)
- Two way radio etiquette
- What to cover in your safety briefing on the event day (for Team Leaders)

​Sessions can be provided at a time to suit your needs and are usually provided two weeks in advance to ensure the maximum attendance. Training is provided at a venue that facilitates a positive learning experience and gives volunteers the opportunity to learn more about the event and to interact with key event partners.

Team Leader & Staff Training
Training can also be provided to volunteer team leaders and key event staff to help them understand what motivates a volunteer and how to support and manage volunteers to ensure a safe, enjoyable event of festival for everyone.

As safety is paramount at all events and festivals, we provide safety briefings and checklists for volunteers with key messaging before each shift.

Event partners
We work closely with event management companies, event suppliers, An Garda Síochána, Civil Defence, transport providers, City and County Councils to design training that reflects good practice and is in line with the Event Management Plan (EMP) submitted for an event.  Check out the feedback to our previous trainings for more information.

For more information contact Stuart Garland, Training and Programmes Manager, Volunteer Ireland at (01) 636 9446 or email

Feedback from volunteers on our previous trainings

 “The training was top notch as always, I really enjoyed the presentation style.”

“The training was very through and while complicated in parts it was extremely well explained and I was very clear when I   left.

 “I’ve been at some poor trainings in my life, but this  was really enjoyable, concise and to the point, not only that we learnt loads!  I can’t wait for event day.”


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